Yogurt Diet – Healthy Weight Loss Plan.

yougurt dietYogurt diet – what is it?

Yogurt diet leads to a loss of 10 lbs in a week

Warning: If your stomach is sensitive to dairy, this diet is not suitable for you.

Optimal fat content of dairy products – not more than 4% fat per 100 grams!

Another rule: do not eat pickled fruits! You can eat apple, banana, pear, peach, maybe a handful of prunes or raisins.

Before each meal is advisable to drink a glass of mineral water.

Yogurt Diet – Breakfast:

A yogurt no more than 4% fat – 125 g

1 fruit

Tea with honey (20 g, a teaspoon is 5 grams), or coffee with milk


Oatmeal or skim milk – 100 g

Low-fat cottage cheese – 125g


Boiled egg – 1. (55 grams)

Salad (cucumbers, tomatoes)

100 g cottage cheese with fruit


1 fruit

1 unsweetened yogurt with no more than 4% fat – 125g

You can apply Yogurt diet from 3 to 7 days after consulting a doctor.

Enjoy the health remedies of the Yogurt Diet.

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