Discover how yoga will help you reach your goals



if you can not sleep, you will not have forces for active sports activities. But this is not   reason to skip your workout. Simply replace the cardio sessions with a relaxed yoga asanas. Regular performance of the following complex would regulate the sleep and your muscles tight and your posture will become more refined. The best option is to perform exercises 2-3 hours before bedtime. If you train in the morning, make the complex with stretching or poskachayte five minutes of fitness ball. Keep breathing techniques and dealing 3 times a week.

EXERCISE 1 – Sit and exhalation bend your right knee. Hold it with your left hand and cross your right leg’s knee to the left. Turn right hull and prop with the right palm on the floor. Return to starting position and immediately follow protivoravno.


Exercise 2 – Get on your knees and lean of stretched hands. Breathe,”swallow”the abdomen and bend at the waist with a look ahead. With exhalation bend your back up and relax your head. Repeat 3-5 times.


Exercise 3 – Lie sideways with bent at a right angle legs. Hands stretch forward, perpendicular to the body relax contracted with them hands. Inhale deeply. C   exhalation, turn on your back by holding your legs up in the same   position and stretching arms upwards. Exhale and turn sideways, but in the other direction. Perform 4-5 times.


EXERCISE 4 – Sit on the bed and   prop of stretched hands. Then outsource the pelvis in the air before bed. With exhalation bend hands in elbows and slowly relax as much as possible close to the floor. Repeat 4-5 times with a variable rate.


EXERCISE 5 – prop up with their backs to the wall and put his hands on it. The legs are   30 cm from the floor and gently landed. Exhale slowly bend your knees and slide back along the wall until knees form right angles. So hold 30-40 seconds and slowly return to starting position.