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What causes the Yeast Infection and how to treat Yeast Infection in Women

Sleep gives you a great health benefit “Yeast thrive in warm humid atmosphere,so one of the best preventive measures you can take against this fungus, is airing a vagina, that is to keep it cool and dry. Sleep naked or just stay in her nightgown, with no trousers when you go to bed, and give your body a 8:00 total freedom. “

Yeast Infection in Women and Clothing:

Wear loose clothing. “During the day, avoid tight-fitting clothing or clothing fibers, which does not give good ventilation, it includes products made of polyethylene, polyester and leather – says Dr. Spence.

Reduce the number of layers of clothing: do not wear tights under shorts and under tight jeans. When you come home, take off excess clothing such as tights, and let your body breathe. Wear when you can, skirts. “


Use of Powder and Yeast Infection in Women

Not powder. “Starch – it’s a great environment for the growth of fungal cultures. As most of the varieties of powder, used after the bath, have a starch-based, you are supporting an infection when using a powder. Keep powder away from the trousers.”


Yeast Infection in Women and and medications to use

Use medications available for sale. There are several places on the body that you can not scratch (at least publicly), and this is one of them. While prescription drugs are aimed at removing mold, you can reduce the itching by using drugs such as Benadryl (Benadryl) or korteid (Cortaid), which can be bought without a prescription.

Or grease-zone  cream around the vulva and vaginal opening in order to reduce the itching. Just be careful and do not use these creams before seeing a doctor because they can “cover up” the infection and prevent the establishment of a correct diagnosis.

Lubrication and Yeast Infection in Women

Use natural lubricant. “Mineral oil, petroleum jelly, white eggs, yogurt are  first class  substances for lubrication during intercourse,  because they do not cause chemical irritation, if you have allergies to them. (Do not use petroleum jelly with a condom, because it formed from a hole in the rubber.) Do not use baby oil because it has a perfume substance which can cause irritation. “

Yeast Infection in Women and use of chemicals

Discard chemicals. A sure way to aggravate an already delicate situation – is to add chemicals to the a yeast infection. Avoid douches, contraceptive jellies, blowing agents and aerosol caps, kill the yeast, deodorants for women.

Yeast Infection in Women and healthy alternative to using chemicals

Prepare yourself medicinal baths. The only alternative to douching is hip bath. Fill the tub (just to the hips) with warm water, then do one of two things:

add salt (enough to make the water was salty to taste, about 1 / 2 cup) to fit the natural salt balance of the body,
Add vinegar (1 / 2 cup) to help to bring the pH to 4.5 the vaginal environment.

And now, sitting in the bathroom, her knees apart, until the water cools down.





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