Working Night Shifts And Health – Night shifts increase the risk of Type 2 Diabetes.

 More divorces, more digestive disorders and cardiovascular diseases. According to a groworking night shifts and healthup of experts from the School of Public Health from Harvard in Boston (USA), women who work night shifts are exposed to a risk: diabetes type 2. And the older these working conditions are maintained, the greater the chances of developing this condition. Thus a study published this week in the journal PLoS Medicine’

Working Night Shifts And Health – are these people more inclined to get sick?

Already had indications of this association, especially with obesity and cardiovascular risks, but “this is one of the first works based on as broad a cohort followed for many years,” said Francisco Javier Puertas, a member Spanish Society of Sleep and head of the Sleep Unit of Hospital Universitario de la Ribera (Valencia).

Frank Hu and his team of researchers used data from two health surveys conducted on nurses in 1976 and 1989. “We followed 69,269 women and 107,915 the first survey of the second, all without diabetes, without cardiovascular disease and cancer.” The first group developed type 2 diabetes 6165 and the second, 3961.

Working Night Shifts And Health effect on Diabetes!

After 20 years of monitoring and correlating the results with night shifts each nurse was doing, the authors of this paper observational realized that the risk of diabetes was strongly related to their rotations night and this intensified as it passed time.

“Compared with women who had no night shifts, those that kept him from one to two years, had a 5% increase in risk if they had these shifts for 3-9 years, the percentage increased to 20% and up 40% if nurses spent between 10 and 19 years with these shifts. Over 20 years involved almost 60% higher risk. ”

As explained in the Spanish specialist commenting on this study, “we know from experimental models in young adults, total or partial sleep after a week causes an effect similar to that of people with diabetes. They have problems absorbing glucose, that is, somehow generates prediabetic states. ” The quantity and quality of sleep is essential for the proper functioning of the metabolic system, he adds.

As explained by the expert, the rest day is “a little refreshing,” because during the day biological parameters are natural constants different from those of the night, in which the body prepares to rest. “The body can not be deceived.” In the night worker is a mismatch of pace “natural circadian”, which translates into a predisposition to fatigue and irritability.

Although these data confirm a hypothesis, the authors of the study in Boston recognized that the association between night shifts and diabetes was weaker if it took into account other factors such as nutrition. Generally, says Dr. Gates, “night workers have less physical activity and eating at odd times (impaired nutrition), which also influences the incidence of obesity and diabetes.”

The latest review carried out by Gates, in “Western countries between 20% and 25% of the population work in shifts.” This is not to eliminate the organization of work, since “is structured as life can not be removed, for example, hospital emergency rooms.” Perhaps it would be interesting to “consider what night workers are more susceptible (genetic predisposition) to establish mechanisms for prevention and promoting a healthy lifestyle, weight control, early detection and treatment of prediabetes and diabetes,” the authors conclude in their paper.

Working Night Shifts And Health are a combination that is not advisable to anyone.

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