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how to strengthen womens hair


How to strengthen Hair!

3 onions are grated and soaked in 30 years strong brandy, stay 10 days is filtered.

The resulting liquid may deem evening hair and wash in the morning. This is done every other day for one week. This is a simple way to strengthen hair.

  Womens Health – Hair Loss Treatment.

Tablespoon chopped roots Lopon pour in 3 tablespoons olive oil, boil for 15 minutes, stirring. After cooling down is rubbed into the scalp.

In two weeks is rubbed in the head and spicy pepper juice obtained as follows – 3 chillies, pour in half a liter of water. Leave 20 days and is ready for rubbing.

The effect is obtained after 2 or 3 months. This is another natural way to prevent hair loss.

What To Do Against hair loss:

  1. On the bare area is often good to rub juice from the small roots of horseradish, onion or garlic. The procedure is done 3 days.
  2. Head having chopped fine roots of horseradish 48 hours continuously. After 24 hours of visible black dots of hair ride.
  3. Evening sick seats are coated with a mixture of 2 s.l.konyak, one tablespoon olive oil, one yolk, one ampoule of vitamin B12.
  4. Cover and put paper towel. On the morning hair is washed with a decoction of hellebore, which is poisonous. Potion is made by 2s.l. herb in one liter of water to boil for 15 minutes.
  5. Sick places are coated with a mixture of equal parts nesolena mass, gas and urine / procedure is done at night, put paper on top and nylon. Morning hair wash.
  6. Sick seats rubbed a decoction of rosemary.
  7. Drenches hair with water boiled ivy.
  8. 100 g Nettle / sheets / boil in 500 g Water and 500 g Vinegar for 15 minutes. Filter and wash the head with a liquid before bedtime, without use of soap.
  9. Dissolve 10 g. sal ammoniac in the coffee cup of water. And sick places spread in the morning and evening.
  10. Mix the juice of 1 lemon, 1 ampoule vitamin A and 1 yolk. Night, sick seats are coated and the morning wash – about 10 days.





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Womens health – Dandruff Treatement:
get-rid-of-dendruff Very often one of the most vexing problems destroying self-esteem and makes us wear hats that’s dandruff.   Dandruff is a little about a few millimeters fine flakes that are formed on the head. Few people know that dandruff is a disease seboriya.
How dandruff appears?
The appearance of seboriya is associated with disruption of fat metabolism, as in most dandruff can not be separated from the skin sebaceous secretion.
Thus, the chemical composition of the secretion changes. Main causes of dandruff may be:
-Violation of the functions of the sexual or thyroid glands.
– Stress and other psychological states.
– Disturbances of the gastrointestinal tract and others.
Dandruff – where it appears?
Many people believe that dandruff affects only the head, however, is mendacity
Most become evident when the affected part of the hairy scalp, dandruff but can also occur in the nose, forehead, chin, less dandruff appears on the back in the distance between two blades, the skin in the groin, armpit. Dandruff is dangerous.
This is not just a disease of the head, and carries serious skin problems affected by seberoya is susceptible to various diseases including: During puberty – comedones, milia and acne
– After puberty can develop diseases such as seborrhea, eczema, rosacea, alopecia
– More – Elderly – warts, rhinophyma and other diseases. This requires the dandruff treatment to be  be done from the first symptoms appear. Using shampoo containing climbazole is recommended because it effectively combat seberoyata.

It is important to determine what kind of seberoyata whether oily or drought, this can only be done by a doctor who to appoint proper treatment. Frequent occurrence of dandruff is worrying phenomenon that does not have to comply if you want to be healthy and beautiful! Skin suffers most from lack of vitamins and withers.
She’ll deliver them with homemade cosmetics made from spinach – elixir for the skin. Spinach is a cocktail of vitamins – C, B1, B2, B6, PP, and the powerful antioxidant vitamins E, C, needed to produce kalogen responsible for skin elasticity. In syapanaka contain more folic acid and trace elements.
Face Mask – Spinach for Dry Skin.
 FOOD – Put in blender a few spinach leaves, 2 tablespoons grebnete of mess. Thereto, add 1 tablespoon olive oil / corn can, sunflower oil / cream and high fat content.
Spread the mixture on the face and neck after 15 minutes and rinse with warm water. Refreshing – Chopped up 3-4 spinach leaves, take 2 tablespoons of vegetables and cook them for 5 minutes in milk.
Strain and apply the mixture when it becomes bearable hot. After 15 minutes remove the mask with a cotton swab with a decoction of spinach, go back person. Rinse with warm water. Home Made face mask with SPINACH. Whitening – pureeing a few leaves of spinach / or cut them deep.
Take 2 tablespoons from pulp and add 3 tablespoons skimmed milk. Spread mask on face for 15 minutes and rinse with lukewarm water. Compression – Prepare fresh juice from spinach. Dip a piece of gauze and place it on face for 15 minutes.
Before applying compression go with cream or face cream. The procedure is done twice a week   and vitamin   blow to the skin. This is an example of homemade face mask. More face mask recipes are coming up.