Why am I not Losing Weight – Diet Mistakes and How to Avoid them.

Is it harmful to eat after 6 pm?
Very often we hear that after 6  pm it is not good, as it leads to a set of excess weight. Let’s see whether this really is true.

why am I not losing weight

Why am I not Losing Weight and energy balance from food.

In the accumulation of excess body fat there is only one reason – the excess energy over the intake rate (positive energy balance).

   And if a man does not overeat in general, what is the difference, what difference does it when he should have the main meal – morning, afternoon or evening? There is no difference!

And if you do not overeat, you can have when it is convenient, including after 6, or 8 pm.

Why am I not Losing Weight  – Where did it go astray?

Most people do not usually overeat breakfast because with the morning after sleep  the appetite is usually poor.

   At lunch, which takes place at work or at school, in most cases, people also do not overeat because they are usually eating in the dining halls which is not as attractive as home. But the dinner …

Many dine lavishly, as of the day, first of all, people work up an appetite, and secondly, homemade food tastes better.

   Further, many lie in front of the TV or sit at the computer, setting the next to each other nuts, candies, biscuits, waffles, crackers, dates …

Why am I not Losing Weight – input v/s output.

   That is the result of that one day a person eats more calories than can spend. You can ask yourself why am i not losing weight and here you are finding the answer.

So it’s not at meal times, and in its excess, which quietly recruited for the evening.

   Alas, in the evening is easier collect the excess calories and more pleasant than at other times. So, that is how goes the  myth that eating after 18 hours is harmful, and that not necessarily that by eating at this time the body will gain weight.

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