Why am I not Losing Weight – are Carbohydrates good or bad?

Just a special note on starvation, in which the body receives only water, and in general any bio-active substances. Quite often, there are voices against dietary carbohydrates. But whether or not to exclude them from your diet?

 why am I not losing weight

Why am I not Losing Weight –are the Carbohydrates the enemy?

Carbohydrates are not harmful in themselves, just the excess use is. The body needs carbohydrates mainly for energy, as well as for certain other purposes (eg, the nucleic acids also includes carbohydrates – deoxyribose and ribose).

   But if, because of eating too much carbohydrate in the body receives too much compared to the demand, then what to do with the body?

So, Why am I not Losing Weight – how much excedd calories can I Burn?

   What it is trying to burn the waste, but this process is limited. We can only convert so much excess carbohydrates into fat.

Seeing in carbohydrates cause obesity, some nutritionists suggest a carb free weight loss diet. These are one of the most popular today weight loss diets.

There is no doubt that in order to lose weight carbohydrates content has to be  decreased. But do not rule out!

The basic process in obtaining energy in the body – is the Krebs cycle. It occurs in every cell, where there is a mitochondria.

   The fuel for the Krebs cycle (the remainder of acetic acid) as the body can get from fat and from carbohydrate. But for the Krebs cycle still needs a catalyst (oxaloacetic acid).

   The fact that some intermediate products flowing out of the Krebs cycle for your needs, so the amount of the catalyst gradually decreases and it must fill out again at some point.

   And it is synthesized just from carbohydrates. This is why carbohydrates must be ingested.

At full fasting food carbohydrates are really diminished in the body, if any. The amount of catalyst for the Krebs cycle may not be renewed at the desired extent. If not present- you begin to fell weakness.

   To sustain life, the body has to synthesize carbohydrates. You do not want to starve your body-you might only damage your  health.

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