Why am I not Losing Weight -Diet Mistakes to Avoid.

In fact, there is no research that would prove that eating at night leads to a more intense accumulation of body fat than the morning or afternoon. On the contrary, there is ample evidence that the evening meal even can be more useful than the morning or afternoon.

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How and when to Eat and Why am I not Losing Weight?

After the morning or afternoon, we have to work immediately after a meal, therefore, the digestive organs get enough blood to its normal operation.

   And after dinner we rest, and digestion proceeds best.

However, just before bedtime, too, is not worth it, but for another reason – that a full stomach puts pressure on the diaphragm and does interfere with normal breathing during sleep.

Thus, we see that the assertion that there is bad after 18 hours of the day – is a myth. The main thing – do not overeat in general for the day and what time is – does not matter  so much.


Monodiets – this is the sort of dietary restrictions, in which only permitted method of any one food product, at least – a group of similar products.

As a means of weight loss the diet offers a variety of mono-diet plans: buckwheat, egg, apple, chocolate, rice, potato, cereal, pineapple, watermelon, grape, grapefruit, kefir, carrot, cottage cheese … In principle, any food can be taken as a basis for a a mono-diet.

Sense of mono-diet for weight loss lies in the fact that in the absence of restrictions on the acceptance of a product authorized person can not eat it as much as he or she wants, and so it will take a day fewer calories than needed to cover energy costs.

   So, for these people they can lose weight with those mono-diet, which are based on high-calorie foods. Still the question remains “Why am I not Losing weight?”

    However, there is no natural food product that would have been absolutely complete to satisfy  the adult human body.

   So no matter what the product the mono diet is based on, it will still be incomplete, and some biologically active substances will be in short supply. And it is harmful to health.

So,in order to lose weight  just with doing a  mono-diet – it is a mistake. Any diet to lose weight should be full and varied.

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