Nutrition for Pregnant WomenWhat to Eat For Pregnant Women



Food For Pregnant WomenWhat to Eat For Pregnant Women


Bread and pastry: 100-150 grams per day. This number includes: white bread flour to grade I and II, yesterday’s baking or slightly dried, dietary salt-free bread, wheat bread from wheat flour, bran bread, rye bread, pastry and biscuit nesdobnoe.

Soups: 200 grams to receive a daily basis. Recommended vegetable soups with some potatoes, cereals and pasta. Soups seasoned cream, low-fat sour cream, you can add chopped fresh herbs.

Meat and meat products: not more than 150 grams per day. Low-fat varieties of beef and veal, rabbit and poultry (chicken, turkey – without the skin) to prepare steam cutlets, quenelles, rolls, meatballs, zrazy, steam puddings. Permission is granted to beef stroganoff from cooked meat. After boiling the meat can be baked or do Jellied dishes.

Fish: low-fat types – no more than 150 grams per day. Cod, ice fish, pike, saffron cod, etc., you can boil or steam-cooked in a souffle or chops, quenelle, meatballs, fish sauce, rolls, etc.

Milk and dairy products: whole milk – up to 200 g per day, if there are no problems with the allergens and tolerability of milk. Milk can be added to tea, porridge, cook milk soups. Allowed sour nonfat cottage cheese (100-200 grams per day), low-fat yogurt or yogurt, low fat and unsweetened yogurt (also of 100-200 grams per day).

Eggs: 1-2 units per week – boiled, “in the bag”, in the form of steam omelets.

Fats: Butter unsalted butter, including ghee. Vegetable oils are allowed only as an addition to meals, no more than 15 grams per day.

What to eat for pregnant women check out the Cereals and pasta

Cereals and pasta: grains – in the form of adding to soups. Crisp porridge made of buckwheat, pearl barley can be introduced into the diet just by reducing the grain. The same goes for noodles and other pasta products: they are in a small amount can be added to soups (if you do not put it in their cereals) or occasionally used as a garnish (again, if the day you give up bread and cereals).

Vegetables: all varieties of cabbage, cucumbers, zucchini, squash, tomatoes, Bulgarian pepper, lettuce. Vegetables that can be eaten raw, eat better that way. Recommended kohlrabi, carrots and artichoke, grated. Green peas, beans, any, radishes, beets, boiled carrots are allowed in limited quantities, chives, dill, parsley – as a seasoning for dishes. Vegetables can be cooked and mashed, steam souffles, puddings, burgers, etc.

Appetizers: salads of raw and pickled (after washing), vegetables, vinaigrettes, with the addition of cooked meat and fish. Jelly fish and meat. Lean ham and unsalted.

Sauces: allowed milk, fruit sauces, béchamel without breading flour with a small amount of butter or sour cream.

Spices: finely chopped parsley or dill, bay leaves, cinnamon, cloves (all – in small quantities).

Fruits and berries: sweet-sour grades of crude or boiled, unsweetened fruit drinks from them.

Sweets: If excessively rapid weight gain have to limit sweets.

Drinks: weak tea with milk, unsweetened fruit juices, berries and vegetables, diluted with boiled water, broth hips.


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