What is Gout and Gout causes – learn what causes Gout and How to treat it


So, What is Gout? Simply- Gout (gouty arthritis)  is   accumulation of salts.

Disease state in humans, referred to as gout, is caused by disturbances in the body of uric acid exchange, a persistent increase its level in the blood. Doctors distinguish primary and secondary gout. In primary gout uric acid levels increase due to genetic disorders of enzymatic systems.

The secondary is considered to be her if she had developed not alone, but on the background of another, underlying disease, in which, for various reasons in the body violated exchange of uric acid (obesity, diabetes and other endocrine abnormalities, kidney disease, and so below). But it also happens that is directly in gout as triggers for developing associated diseases – such as secondary osteoarthritis.

What causes Gout? Gout – a disease caused by metabolic disorders of uric acid in the body and is characterized by deposition of uric acid salts in various tissues and organs, especially in the joints – a kind of crystals consisting of monurata sodium and uric acid. Gout is a serious Health risk. Uric acid – the final breakdown product of nucleic acid – purine.

These sharp microcrystals just cause and specific friction in the joints, accompanied by severe pain syndrome – gouty attack. “Dropping out”, the crystals may form as a cluster of homogeneous substance, a kind of bags (tophi), and in other parts of the body – from toes to ears. In addition to uric acid, they contain a small amount of lime.

Most often, salt deposits noted in the ears, cartilage covers of the articular surfaces, especially the metatarsophalangeal joint of the big toe, wrist, knee joints. This does not preclude the deposition of salts and other joints. Before you take on any treatment though, you should be familiar with what causes gout.

In addition to cartilage, the process affects the synovium, periosteum, tendons. Joints, thus, vary considerably. They become swollen, reddened and painful at palpation.

When the arthritic process is long, there may be persistent changes in the joints: ligament thickening, there is effusion in the joint, it becomes painful. When you hear a light crunch movements. Gouty nodes may eventually grow and change shape of the joint.

Men suffer  from Gout 20 times more often than women and that s why they have to know what causes gout .The Disease is known to mankind since ancient times: even Hippocrates said that  had already proved its relationship with the peculiarities of the endocrine system – and since then  no one has denied it.

Moreover, in our own time it was shown that a lack of sex hormones – estradiol – is directly related risk of disease, as well as estradiol in the female body contains much more, and get sick less often women. Although in very rare cases – usually during menopause – gout can also affect the female body, and thus proceeds fairly hard.

It starts with arthritis gout – an acute inflammation of the joints, in the “classical” case – first hitting one (monoartrit) joint of the toe. And the pain is so great that if the affected area to put the sheets or even just blow on the joint – a man screaming in pain. In this joint becomes red, swollen.

This is usually accompanied by fever, but all of these phenomena in 5-7 days goes by, even if nothing is done. Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (diclofenac, indomethacin, etc.) accelerates the normalization of the state.

But after a few months, all the repeats – most probably  on the same joint or the opposite side. The greater the duration of the disease, the smaller the intervals between these attacks and if at first gout attack, gives you 1-2 per year, about five years after the onset of the disease yearly number of attacks may be already 3-4, and another five – the attacks will almost constant. A distinctive feature of gout – a sudden sharp rise and without a trace ending symptoms.

Gout is dangerous fro your Health because apart from pain attacks, found the man by surprise and for a week “beat” from active life, she may eventually lead to the complete defeat of the musculoskeletal system, which inevitably leads to disability. And besides the fact that joints are affected, uric acid has the property to accumulate anywhere in the various tissues – particularly in the kidney.

At the same time promotes the formation of uric acid stones there, increases the risk of secondary pyelonephritis, which ultimately can lead to kidney failure and as a consequence – death. Since gout  causes  disruption of lipid metabolism and what is happening on the background of obesity increases the risk of atherosclerosis and other cardiovascular diseases, up to a heart attack.

In case of violation of purine metabolism in parallel there is a violation of the lipid – lipid metabolism, therefore, noted that most people with gout –  are overweight. There are also Remedies for alleviating the Gout suffering.



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