What Gets Rid of Acne Scars and what drugs and meds can I use?

  • The estheticians can do peels using concentrations up to 35% of dermatologists use up to 70%. The higher the concentration of glycolic acid the more powerfull the peels are. When making these acne treatments is necessary to protect against the sun.

What Gets Rid of Acne Scars – remove the holes scars.

Must be worn Normadamente retinol and acids in the form of creams to try to remove scars. If these treatments do not work the dermatologist may use others. When you have many scars in the form of holes the dermabraciones and laser treatments work best.

what gets rid of acne scars fast

What Gets Rid of Acne Scars – what about the Dermabrasion treatment?

Dermabrasion treatments (dermabrasion) are performed under local anesthesia using a special machine. There is a mechanical dermabrasion and CO2 . This treatment is being less used because it requires anesthesia and has a healing period of three weeks or more.

During these three weeks is necessary to use bandage on his face and skin will become irritated and inflamed. You can not receive the sun light, so it is necessary to be at home most of that time. The irritation on the face gradually disappears.

The mechanical dermabrasion leaves healthy skin. Not recommended on dark skin because it can leave stains or discoloration.

What Gets Rid of Acne Scars – what about the laser treatments?

The dermabraciones using laser treatments are very effective. The laser beam burns the skin surface so that the skin regenerates, leaving healthy tissue. The recovery period is shorter than the mechanical dermabrasion.

Not recommended for people with dark skin because they like the mechanical dermabrasion may cause discoloration or may not be effective.

What is the Microdermabration – is it the new answer to “what gets rid of acne scars”?

The Microdermabration is a new treatment. It is used by aestheticians and dermatologists. It uses a special machine and various products. This treatment is cheaper and has a shorter recovery time than before. It takes about 6 sessions to remove scars. Not recommended for deep scars.

If in addition to severe acne scars is the dermatologist may use other treatments or products that remove acne and scars.

If there are deep holes on the skin, have to be used other techniques.

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