What Causes Allergies and What is Allergy?

Who is to blame for this epidemic – poor ecology, antibiotics or poor immunity?actors? Is Allergy result of all of these actors?

what causes allergies

What About foods and Allergies?

For decades prevalence of allergic diseases has reached such proportions that some scientists already had classified them as epidemics. Anyone ask for reasons, the answer is usually the same:

“What do you want in this environment! What do we breathe? What do we eat?

” And, indeed, the ecological situation today has nothing to do with the time of our grandparents with their simple, natural food, fresh air and birth in the middle of the field when there was no asthma, no dermatitis, eczema and allergic rhinitis. It was practically Allergy-free time.

What Causes allergies -Is the Ecology the main reason that cause allergies?

Incidentally, it seems that ecology is still not the main reason. Allergy seems to become part of our daily live and affects our health in may ways.

Allergy, as written in textbooks is inadequate reaction of the immune system of the organism to certain allergens (antigens).

In other words, the error of the immune system in which it perceives as an enemy, for example, harmless household dust.

As if at some point scientists reached consensus that the reason for this is genetics, which is inherited. Open is not such a mutation, and many, they are in different chromosomes, but which of them is uniquely responsible for specific allergy – it is still in the process of clarification.

What causes allergies and how are they transmitted?

Official medicine believes that disease is transmitted not by such a combination of genetic factors.


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