Weight Watchers Diet – Calorie Calculator to Lose Weight.

Below is a brief description of the method – Weight Watchers Diet (Weightwatchers).

weight watchers dietBut clinic doctors recommend the diet who like it because it is a balanced diet, good food and quality of life!

The principle of the Weight Watchers diet:

Weight Watchers Diet (Weightwatchers) – is a strict counting points for each eaten a piece of bread or meat, fruit and vegetables, etc.

  In the Weight Watchers diet is recommended to limit fats and carbohydrates, but did not expressly prohibited.

   Distributed by Weight Watchers clubs around the world. Anyone can get money for detailed instructions on diet, points are given for each product.

   At weekly meetings, weigh you and give advice on nutrition. Each participant receives his maximum points based on their weight, height and lifestyle.

   Under this system, you can combine a meal as you want. In addition, Weight Watchers diet has to keep a detailed food diary, eat special foods such as drinks or vitamin supplements, Weight Watchers made the association.

Opinion of the nutritionist about Weight Watchers Diet:

Lose weight in a group is always fun. Keeping food diary makes it easier to lose weight. For the year can be reset from 30 to 50 kg.


– Does not provide information about proper and balanced nutrition
– Recommends to follow only his “volition”
– Buy concrete and Special cocktails can be expensive

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