Weight Watchers Diet -How to Lose Weight Fast.

Weight Watchers Diet is entirely based on counting points. It is long and tedious.

In addition, our hospital dietitians draw your attention to the fact that by eating this way a person can not learn to eat properly.

Therefore, the rejection of the diet is fraught with rapid weight gain, and sometimes essential to increase, even in comparison with that observed before.

weight watchers diet

Weight Watchers Diet and how to balance the calories?

Counting only the number of items of products, it is difficult to maintain the right balance through the consumption of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals.

There may be a lack of protein, carbohydrates, vitamins and fiber. That’s why Weight Watchers take vitamin supplements and shakes.
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Diet is nor recommended for children, pregnant and lactating mothers.

We recommend:

It is important not simply to lose weight and make it safe for health and save the result. This can be done thanks to the correction of weights in the clinic of Dr. ions – “Diet, which is like that.”

Through studying the latest scientific achievements of American Medical Centers of the Study of Obesity, the recommendations of the American Association for the Study and Treatment of Obesity and own experience we created a program of correction weight “diet, which is like that.”

Program “Diet, which is like” all the world’s accumulated scientific potential in the treatment of obesity. We consider the problem of obesity as a medical problem and treat the cause.

   Therefore, for our patients who underwent the program “A diet that like it,” characterized by improved health, normalize blood pressure or decrease doses of anti hypertensive drugs required, normalization or significant reduction in blood glucose (treatment of type 2 diabetes), normal levels of blood lipids and Of course, the normalization of weight.

This is because:

    – You are learning the basic principles of healthy and proper nutrition. This allows you to maintain the beauty and health, and it does not feel “black sheep” in the restaurant, at a party on a business trip …

    – You eat your fill and still feel the pleasure of eating. All the matter in a balanced diet that includes proper nutrition and delicious food (see recipes).

    – You learn to find the causes of discontent themselves and their appearance. Specially developed psychological techniques allow you to change eating habits and help you begin to make informed choices.

    – You lose weight only at the expense of fat mass, with the compulsory maintaining or increasing muscle mass.

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