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How to manage Weight Loss while having Weight Loss without Hunger?

In the hospital at Cambridge University in England, came two children with dangerous levels of obesity. Their bodies were spoyasany folds of fat and prevents them from walking. Eight-year? the girl weighed 86 pounds. Nearly 60 percent of her body is fat. Her two brother weighed 30 kilograms oyulo. Whatever the details of parents and physicians of children posoyanno tormented by hunger.

But then a miracle happened. Doctors have introduced children to an improved genetically engineered hormone that regulates appetite and metabolism. “A few days later was the feeling of hunger to subside – says doctor Sadaf Farooqi children. – Two weeks later, without any prodding by children reduced caloric intake by ninety percent. ” Fat began scattering is described by. By the end, the two reached a normal weight for their age.

It was on such a wonderful tool and dream of all who are trying to lose weight. In fact, children who had been treated in Cambridge, are a rare category of people (all over the world there are not more than a dozen) that are due to a genetic defect never experience feelings of satiety and therefore have to constantly eat. Nevertheless, this extreme case shows how scientists have advanced the understanding of why some people stay slim while others get fat, despite all the diets. Thanks to recent discoveries in the field of gene, protein, hormones, and viruses in the near future may appear tailor-made programs and diet pills and even injections of obesity.

Survival of the fattest

– The question is not why some people get fat, and why others can stay slim – says Eric Ravussin of the Pen-ningtonskogo Biomedical Research Center Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

– People who are able to accumulate a lot of calories in times of plenty of food and effectively  store them in the form of fat, were more likely to survive times of famine and pass on their genes to posterity, – says Ravussin. – Millions of years of evolution otbfala people of this particular genetic type.

And only now, when there are so many delis, snack bars and restaurants, this advantage became a disadvantage.

Genes “thrifty” are not at all. “The tribes were hunters , periods of abundance of food alternated with periods of famine, so the evolutionary selection of a” thrifty “genotype was particularly intense at them” – says Ravussin. And the tribes before the others engaged in farming, harvesting done in the winter, so they did not need to store fat. “In the course of evolution, they gradually lost the gene for” thrifty “.”

According to Ravussina those who may have any number, while remaining lean, should be considered rather a caprice of evolution, rather than the norm. Most people are genetically programmed to gain fat in the presence of abundant food.

Trendy diets gave rise to the myth that obesity is associated with a lack of willpower. However, the researcher Jeffrey Friedman of Rockefeller University, disagrees with this assertion. According to him, “genes determine the accumulation of fat in no less than the growth process.”

Turning off hunger to Loose Weight

At a certain stage of evolution of the fat cells have established contact with the brain. For the first time this connection was discovered in 1994, when Friedman discovered the hormone leptin. “Leptin is a part of a complex system that regulates body fat and hunger, says Friedman. – When we accumulate fat, fat cells produce leptin, which sends a signal to the brain to suppress appetite. ” Leptin also induces the brain to speed up the metabolism. “When our body burns fat, leptin levels fall, and the center of the brain responsible for hunger, gives us a command:” Eat something ‘. “

Children in Cambridge was a genetic defect because of which the body does not produce leptin. After the discovery of leptin and confirm its effectiveness, scientists thought that finally found a magic tool for those trying to lose weight. But it turned out that the extreme forms of leptin deficiency occur only rarely. Paradoxically, at 85-90 per cent of people suffering from obesity, leptin levels even higher than normal. “The problem is not that their body produces enough leptin, – explains Friedman – and that they are insensitive to it.”

Professor William A. Banks, of St. Louis University recently put forward a very bold theory to explain the leptin resistance: is it possible that suppresses hunger hormone just can not get into the brain. Banks have found that triglycerides (fat particles in the blood) can clog the blood-brain barrier, preventing penetration of leptin into the brain. “As a person gains weight, triglyceride levels increase – explains Banks. – A man is hungry and starts to eat more, resulting in accumulating new fat. “

No matter what block leptin – triglycerides, or other factors – when a person gains weight, resistant to the hormone makes the process of losing weight. People with high resistance to more leptin to suppress appetite. But with a decrease in fat cell hormone level drops, causing an attack of hunger and slowing metabolism. The brain reacts to it as hunger and begin to save energy. Every dumped lbs to lose weight becomes more difficult.

These scientific findings explain why many of those who managed to lose weight, then gain weight. But at the same time they are encouraging. Based on the evidence on how they regulate hunger and satiety, the researchers are developing new and promising ways to combat obesity. For example, researchers at Rockefeller University, trying to figure out whether using leptin to control weight in people who managed to lose weight considerably. Hopes not only to leptin. Friedman recently announced the discovery of leptin-controlled enzyme SDC-1, which is necessary for the body to the formation of fat cells. When the researchers removed the University of Wisconsin in the mouse gene for the enzyme SDC-1, the animals stopped gaining weight, though, and ate greasy food.

Obesity virus and Weight Loss

While some researchers are looking for the cause of obesity in the genes, study the influence of other infections. Even years ago, scientists discovered an amazing fact: some viruses can cause obesity in birds and mammals. And now, a nutritionist-biochemist Nikhil V. Dhurandar from Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan, claims that he was able to detect a virus that acts similarly to humans.

It is an adenovirus-36 (AD-36). Dhurandar noted that the introduction after 60 AD-36 monkeys gained weight rapidly. In some animals the virus caused an increase in fat mass in three. Of course, the introduction of the virus to humans is impossible for ethical reasons, but, having surveyed a thousand men, Dhurandar and his colleagues found that people with antibody to BP-36 (indicating that they have an infection) more often overweight.

How the virus may cause obesity? Dhurandar found that under the action of the virus fat cells begin to proliferate. “I’m not saying that the only reason a virus. Genes, metabolism, and lifestyle also play a role – he admits. – But one factor may be an infection. “

While it is unknown how widespread the virus AD-36 and how it affects humans. If the suspicions prove justified Dhurandara, the next step will be to develop a suitable vaccine.

How to Lose weight and Gene mobility

Your weight, in particular, depends on how much you eat. Again, it is important to remember the idea –Weight Loss without Hunger. No less important is how you move, and in this region play an important role genes. Eric Ravussin found that the intensity of the primary metabolism (calories burned by the body for the operation of all systems) in different individuals can vary by almost 500 calories per day. Metabolic rate is inherited, but it proves that it is regulated genes.

Ravussin identified another factor that determines the speed at which we burn calories – mobility. “Some people are shifting from foot to foot, tapping his fingers, fidget constantly,” – said Ravussin. This tendency is inherited. In a study conducted recently at the Center for Endocrinology in Minnesota, the physician James Levine in the diet included 16 subjects of a thousand extra calories a day. After two months of moving people weighed the same, and sedentary added five pounds.

It turned out that the mobile people are more sensitive to calories. “If they overeat, they automatically begin to move more”, – explains Levine. Researchers have discovered a protein that when injected into animals to make them more mobile. Weight Loss without Hunger is possible , you just have to be familiar with all the facts before making decision on the type of weight loss diet you will take on.

– Once the rats were injected the protein, they begin to thrash about the cage, and when the injections stopped, the rats again behave stolidly – says Levine. Scientists have tested several substances that stimulate the metabolism in humans, including dinitrophenol and thyroid hormone. Unfortunately, they can not be used as medicines because of serious side effects. Nevertheless, scientists are confident that they are on the right path.

Everything depends on you-you Can manage Weight Loss

Recent discoveries in genetics offer hope to those who are overweight or obese. “Previously, patients blame hormones in their entirety, as we doctors have argued, they say, it’s not hormones, but in calories – says Banks. – Now we know that hormones are also to blame. “

Hormones produced by the pangs of hunger, some people are so strong that oppose them can not even steel will.

– A person can go on a diet and lose five to seven pounds. But now obese – this is not an issue of willpower. This is a medical problem.





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