Weight Loss Diet Regimen – What is one of the best sources of protein?

Full people benefit low-fat dairy products – this is the best source of not only full of protein and calcium needed for all of us.




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Weight Loss Diet Regimen and Vegetables.

On what products should focus, if you want to lose weight? Of course, the vegetables, fruits, berries and greens. Vegetables in the list on the right take the first place.

They poavlyayut body nutrients that are essential to normalize the disturbed metabolism: vitamins, micro-and macronutrients, dietary fiber.

In raw form, they are a source of tartronovoy acid, which prevents the conversion of carbohydrates into fat.

Weight Loss Diet Regimen – what type of foods I should avoid?

Unfortunately, fat people tend to prefer other vegetables like potatoes, which contain much starch, and pay less attention to such wholesome vegetables like cabbage, carrots, beets, onions, garlic, radishes, turnips, pumpkin.

But these vegetables have what people need to complete: a low-calorie and high nutritional value. Of them can cook a variety of salads, vinaigrettes, vegetable stew, soup and other nutritious food. Filled with vegetable oil and low-fat sour cream, these dishes are the same well saturated.

Eating habits and Weight Loss Diet Regimen. 

Of course, without changing eating habits can not do. If you are accustomed from childhood to the flour, fat and sweet foods, then wean yourself does not come just like that – you need a certain effort on the other.

For breakfast, instead of the usual coffee and sandwiches drink half a liter of fresh carrot juice, cooked in a home juicer. For lunch eat a salad of raw vegetables, a piece of boiled fish with vegetables, vegetarian vegetable soup.

Do not wash down the food compote or some other drink, avoid dessert. After an hour and a half, you can drink tea, eat an apple. Department of dessert from the main meal helps to improve metabolism and reduce weight.


Weight Loss Diet Regimen and Food quantity.


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