Weight Loss Diet Regimen – does a lot of food equal lots of calories?weight loss diet regimen calorie

Remember: the amount of food can be quite large, especially in the beginning, and its calorific value – low. For example, you can eat quite a lot of vegetable salad, ragout of vegetables or a vegetarian first course. The  Calorie in these foods is low. But when it comes to pasta, butter and cakes, then there you really must be careful.

With a little skiing or swimming in the river, you can “earn” a light lunch of low-calorie dishes. One Surgeon, for example, after standing several hours at the operating table, can allow allow himself only an apple and a cup of tea.

That gives him enough to make up forthe loss of energy.

Weight Loss Diet Regimen and Number of courses per day.

Many people mistakenly believe that for  reducing weight we must abandon the first course. This mistake is crucial! On the contrary, in the first meal, the calorie intake will always have to be bigger than the second meal.

How to adjust the weight loss diet regimen for the soups in my meals?

Of course, you should once and for all eliminate soups and borscht with meat broth, and cook instead vegetarian seasoning (when the dish is ready, not before!) Greens and vegetable oil (not butter!). These soups that are prepared faster, are less tasty, and, most importantly, a lot less useful.

Before you eat soup, salad, salad or drink a glass of fresh carrot juice. Try to have the first (and other dishes) with no bread, and, for example, with carrot.

Eat slow and chew up – also part of your Weight Loss Diet Regime.


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