Pregnancy Weight Gain by Week – Weight Gain During Pregnancy.

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How Much Weight Should I Gain During Pregnancy – Weight Gain During Pregnancy.

The Medical field has  proven that overweight increases the risk of many serious diseases. A particularly dangerous excess weight when it comes to the expectant mother. If weight gain during pregnancy is excessive, a diet is not enough.

What can be dangerous  if having extra pounds for a pregnant woman?

In pregnant women with excessive body weight initially and (or) excess weight gain increases the risk of:

development of late toxicity (in the first place – high blood pressure, possible swelling, the appearance of protein in the urine, thus disrupted in many organs and systems of the future mother), premature aging of the placenta;
of hypoxia (oxygen deficiency), fetal
the birth of large fruit;
of the weakness of labor, more frequent post-term pregnancy.

Every woman’s rate of weight gain in many ways varies , it depends on the  individual. It depends on body mass index, which can be calculated using the following formula: weight in kilograms divided by your height in meters squared.

Considered normal index in the range of 19.8 to 25.9. The lower rates of body mass index, the more you can add in the range 10-14 kg. If you’re expecting twins, then add to these figures 2.3 – 4.6 kg.

As a rule, pregnant women added about 40% of the total weight gain during pregnancy in the first half of pregnancy and 60% – in the second. If a woman before the pregnancy was normal weight, in one trimester, it can add 1.5 – 2 kg. Sometimes, when expressed early toxicosis, there may be no gain, and weight loss, which sometimes requires hospitalization for women.


Weight gain during pregnancy – 2-nd Trimester

Within 2 trimester a woman should gain at 0.3 – 0.4 kg per week. For the entire ninth month of the type permitted no more than 0.5 – 1 kg. It is possible that in the last month mom did not add, and even a bit before giving birth to lose weight.

Weight should be increased evenly and continuously, after all of this also depends on the normal development of the child.

It often happens that the original skinny women during pregnancy gain weight more – and they have this right, because during pregnancy the physiological make up for his mass deficit. For example, if the first two months for all rate – 0.5 kg in 20 weeks, thin woman is allowed to dial is 5.4 kg, a woman of medium build – 4.8 kg, and the expectant mother, having a pre-pregnancy overweight – only 2.9 kg. At 32 weeks the total weight gain during pregnancy can be, respectively, 11.3, 10, and 6.4 kg, and 40 weeks – 15.2; 13.6 and 9.1 kg.

Especially to be noted that the “pure” weight of a pregnant woman can emerge not only from the above points and deposits in adipose tissue – it can affect the development of preeclampsia resulting in swelling, because “water” also has its own weight!

Therefore, when there is a sharp increase in weekly weight gain during pregnancy, especially in 2 and 3 trimesters, it is necessary to pay attention to the emergence of constrictions at the ankles after wearing socks for a ring and shoes that are too tight in the evening, count the  fluid levels at nigh.

All this is indirect evidence of accumulation of fluid in the body, edema. For these problems you need to rush to your doctor.


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