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Human skin is covered with multilayer flat epithelium (epidermis), whose function is protection. Cells from the surface layer of the epidermis continuously form keratin (keratin), which also protects the body from penetration of harmful substances.

Horn looks like dandruff and constantly  seeps out in the environment.  On the heels is even measured the largest thickness of human skin. In order to get rid of them you can use use wart cures or other medical surgical methods.

wart cures

If in the shoe you have something that is always bothering you” (edge, seam, sand) and this irritation is too strong and put pressure on the same step location, then you can get Wart.

Strong pressure from such a stimulus can lead to stick part of the epidermis inwards and turning his finger like a glove. In this sag or reversal, the stratum corneum also turned inwards and keratin is no longer how to fall in the external environment.

Cells of the epidermis form it continuously while it accumulates and ingrown hardens as more and more. This gained stratum corneum resembles yellow thorn stuck in the foot. The pain from Wart is extremely severe because it freezes even more inward.

Have you seen what they look-like chicken legs? Yellow skin of the fingers and legs is scaly and extremely hard. This is because the wart does not peel and put into the environment and accumulates on the surface of the legs as a protective layer. From this hardness and yellow color probably comes the name of this skin defect.

Treatment of Wart

Act effectively in small and medium-sized entities.

Get fresh potato peelings (diameter 1.5 to 2 cm is sufficient). Put in the center of the cut surface pinch salicylic powder. If you can not find salicyl, crushed aspirin tablet also works. Bedtime put the peel on the chicken with salicyl  Wart and attach it with bandage.

Let it stand so all night and morning it take it down. Repeat 3-4 consecutive nights. The expected result is Wart to soften and “fall”. “Sting” the bramble is actually hardened keratin.

Do not worry about holes in the foot, where the Wart  is. Disinfect it with some simple wart cures lie: rivanol oxygen or water, dry it and fill it with expensive face cream, where your wife hide it at the bottom of the nightstand. If this does not help, ask a surgeon to dig out” the bramble, while it is still melting.

wart cures

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