Vitamins for Hair Growth and what causes Dandruff.

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Dandruff -what causes it and can we treat it with Vitamins for hair Gowth?

The cause of dandruff is seborrhea, a painful enlarged sebaceous glands release due to illness or immune system disorders. If the immune substance can not protect fat phospholipids in the skin on the head, free radicals penetrate into the cells and destroy them from within. Cellular protein eventually air flakes off and forms large flakes. In this case candy abuse exacerbates the condition.

Fight dandruff with Vitamins for hair growth

Hair follicles – connective tissue hair follicles – it is  special, sensitive and   react to protect their vitamin A. If there is no blood in sufficient concentrations of this vitamin,  many thousands of follicles are clogged. They swell and are replaced by mucous or sebaceous glands.
Vitamins C, E and trace element selenium is also supported by the health of the skin at the base of the hair, so it was impossible to damage his cells. Four important nutrients known as antioxidants because they protect the parts of cells from oxidation by free radicals.
The best remedy for dandruff is a drug that contains all four of the oxidant vitamins A, C, and vitamin E and trace element selenium. They give your hair a complex immune defense – an important prerequisite for renewal of hair.

Recommended foods and Vitamins for Hair Growth

Eat enough foods containing biotin (vitamin H) and / or use biotin as part of a dietary supplement. Biotin is essential for healthy hair and skin and may even prevent hair loss in some men.
Your diet should consist of 50-75% of raw foods. Eat yogurt and other dairy products. Avoid fried foods, sugar, chocolate and bakery products.
Do not eat food containing raw eggs. Raw eggs should not only increase the risk of salmonella, but many contain avidin, a protein that binds biotin and prevents its absorption, more preferably boiled eggs.

Vitamins for Hair Growth in combination with daily scalp massage.

Avoid rough effect on hair. Do not use a brush or a comb with fine teeth, or dry hair with a towel. Also, do not use air-dried or other hot effects on your hair, dry hair naturally.

Do not brush your hair as long as they do not dry as wet hair is more fragile.
With careful use of synthetic agents for hair. Often may experience allergic reactions to them are contained in chemical substances. Preferable to use only natural products for hair care with a pH-balanced formula.

Vitamins for Hair Growth – what about protecting the hair?

You can forget all externally inflicted “means protecting the hair and hair care.” Hair does not require protection. They do protect the rights of the damp and cold. In fact, the hair on their structure is as strong as the fur of animals and their ancestry, they are of fur.

Strength, density, luster and color they are inside the body, metabolism of the blood vessels, but never from fixers, gels, shampoos, vitamins, protein treatment courses, lotions to restore shine, etc.



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