Vigrx Male Enhancement Reviews – Does Vigrx Really Work?


So, what is the the “magic pill”?

It’s called VigRX Plus and is also used by porn actors do seem to stretch and enlarge the male organ of a few centimeters in a few months.

Most of the male population would have a problem because of the sexual sense of insecurity due to the size of their penis.

In some cases the problem is real and physical: it is called micropenis and is less than 8 cm in a state of erection.

Among the causes are listed:

    The Production of androgens (male hormones) is insufficient;
    Tissue insensitivity to androgens;
    Malformations with or without a chromosomal abnormality.

In other cases, however, the problem is not physical but psychological: call it dysmorphophobia, the mental representation of the penis and wrong “sindome locker-room,” the fear of not being anatomically conform to the average penis size at rest.

The treatment options are identified in:

1. Psychotherapy

When the problem is identified at the psychological level is strongly recommended an intervention by a psychologist who will advice man to recover their security by addressing the fears and traumas that generate it. Treatment is usually aimed at improving the self-esteem.

2. Surgery

But when the problem is recognized in major anatomical abnormalities and dysfunction or in case of treatment failure psicosessuologica, you should consult a urologist if you have any problem in surgery.



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vigrx male enhancement reviews

Vigrx Male Enhancement Reviews – what about the natural methods and non-invasive alternative to surgery?

Well, it seems so.

For those who have a “size” but do not want to undergo surgery for lengthening or thickening is good news: there are pills for penis enlargement (100% natural) that, apparently, will increase the length of some cm in 3 months. E ‘on the market for several years and seems to be used by those who use it as a profession the penis.

They are called VigRXPlus or VigRX Plus:

Vigrx Male Enhancement Reviews – How do the Pills work?

The VigRX Plus pills are the most commonly used natural product for penis enlargement that brings benefits to sexual intercourse in general. In fact, each pill is a combination of aphrodisiac substances (Damiana, Tribulus Earth, Saw Palmetto Berry, Catuaba Bark Extract), sexual enhancers (Muira Pauma, Cuscuta Seed Extract, Epimedium Leaf Extract) and energizing (Asian Red Ginseng, Ginkgo Biloba).

Thanks to these natural ingredients, VigRX Plus, you can:

    increase the length of the penis up to 4 to 6 inches in 3 months;
    increase girth of the penis up to 4 cm in 3 months;
    improve blood flow to the penis;
    strengthen erections
    enhance sexual performance.

Taking 2 pills a day, it seems that the effects are visible, but gradually, after the first few weeks.

Vigrx Male Enhancement Reviews – what are the the effects form the enhancement pills?

    first month: increased sexual desire and stronger erections and lasting;
    and the second message: the gradual elongation and enlargement of the penis and more intense orgasms;
    third month: further extension and strengthening of the penis.

Vigrx Male Enhancement Reviews – Advantages and drawbacks.

One of the most important of which is VigRX is a natural product. As such, therefore, has no side effects or unwanted: the only raccomandaizone is to make sure you are not allergic to one of the components of the product.

The absence of contraindications is what distinguishes these pills for penis enlargement from every other product can achieve the desired effect without any worries or concerns about the possible negative consequences. And ‘affordable online on this site in packs of 60, 120 and 180 pills.

Vigrx Male Enhancement Reviews – Useful information before start taking the pills:

For a purchase and consumption of peaceful VigRX Plus, it helps to know that:

  •     for the first treatment, it is preferable to carry out the complete treatment of 3 months. Penis enlargement is a process that takes time and patience: the first results are clear but gradual. Then, just repeat the intake occasionally for a single month.
  •     never take an amount of up to two pills a day. An overdose of the product is not hazardous to health, but will not serve you to accelerate the effects. Furthermore, it is preferable to take each pill before meals.

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