Vegetable Diet – Healthy Foods to Lose Weight.

vegetable dietWhat is the  vegetable diet?

This diet is suitable for people who love vegetables and want to quickly get rid of excess weight.

You can drink tea, coffee without sugar, freshly squeezed juices and water.

How many days is designed diet of vegetable diet?

 The Vegetable diet is designed for 7 days.

Breakfast: fruit salad, seasoned with 2 tablespoons yogurt, tea without sugar

Dinner: 100 grams of rice or pasta with vegetables (tomato paste), a glass of tomato juice.

Snack: 1 fruit, 1 cup sugar juice

Dinner: vegetable salad (fields with olive oil or vegetable oil), 100 grams of fish.

What are the results of the vegetable diet?

With a vegetable diet can lose weight of 5 pounds in a week!

I think I do not even have to mention that once in a while your Body needs that Vegetable diet. It need that to get energized, you will get better Health , too.

Before starting the diet consult your doctor.


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