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What to Eat if you have Diabetes Type 2? Type 2 Diabetes Diet Menu

Purpose of the diet: the creation of conditions conducive to bringing the norm of thecarbohydrate metabolism, the definition of the person tolerance to carbohydrates.

General characteristics of the diet: a diet with reduced fat (mostly animal), and carbohydrates from the normal norm of vitamins and minerals. In the diet include a variety of foods. Eliminate sugar, jam, confectionery and other foods that contain lots of sugar. Sugar substitute with xylitol, sorbitol, aspartame. Main dishes prepared in boiled water or baked form. Eating 5-6 times.

The chemical composition of the “Type 2 Diabetes Diet Menu“: protein, 100 g, 70-80 g fat (of which 25 g of vegetable), 300 g carbohydrates mainly due to the complex and simple carbohydrates exclude or severely limit, calories 2300 kcal, 0.3 mg of retinol, carotene, 12 mg, 1.5 mg thiamine, riboflavin 2.1 mg, 18 mg of nicotinic acid, ascorbic acid, 100 mg sodium 3.7 g, 4 g of potassium, calcium, 0.8 g, 1.3 g of phosphorus, iron, 15 mg. Free fluid 1.5 liter.

Featured products and dishes:
– Predominantly black bread 300 g;
– Soups mostly vegetarian;
– Meat and poultry, beef, veal, chicken, turkey boiled;
– Fish, lean boiled in;
– Vegetables as a side dish and leafy greens, cabbage, cauliflower, lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes, zucchini, potatoes, raw, boiled and baked;
– Cereal and pasta limit;
– Milk and dairy products – milk, cottage cheese, kefir, yogurt, cheese, sour cream limited;
– Fruits, berries – sour and sweet-sour variety, Antonovsky apples, cranberries, red currants – 200 grams per day;
– Drinks – tea, coffee rather weak, the juice of sour grapes.

In diabetes mellitus in obese patients with clinical nutrition coincides with the treatment of obesity. Patients with insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus who are receiving large doses of insulin prescribed a diet that is close in chemical composition to the management table.

The basic amount of carbohydrate should be given to the first breakfast and lunch. Before these meals administered insulin. With the introduction of insulin before dinner, to leave food on the night to prevent possible hypoglycemic reactions.

With the threat of diabetic coma, the amount of fat in the Type 2 Diabetes Diet Menu is to reduce up to 30 g., of protein- 50 grams and  carbohydrate content   should not exceed 300 g. At the same time increasing the dose of insulin.

If you follow and stick to  Type 2 Diabetes Diet Menu you will see the good Health benefits of it.


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