One of the most frequently asked questions in my last few days is when you write an article on teeth whitening what would you recommend I have a problem with the teeth … I have spots I think are my yellow and so on.
In the site has not one or two articles on how to cellar their teeth themselves have both proposed medical specialists from which our readers and friends are happy, there are also suggestions for home teeth whitening using home whitening systems teeth as well as tips on how this could happen in a natural way with natural products. Everything depends on how long you want to achieve the desired result, namely as a brilliant white teeth.

Methods for whitening teeth

The best method as we mention it’s a Zoom whitening lamp instant painless method, but unfortunately is very expensive and not affordable to everyone. Cost about 500-550$.

Teeth whitening at the dentist this method is speed for about 2 hours. achieve the desired result. The cost of this method is available, but not all 100-150$.

Whitening at home

Teeth Whitening at home in recent years became a hit. Main reason for this is the cheapest price with satisfactory results.

One of the simplest methods of teeth whitening is using available materials occurring in each household. Articles on this we have already written, so do not go further on these methods at hand, and you can read:

White Teeth with pet tricks
Teeth whitening with lemon
Teeth whitening

For those of you who are handy tools are slow to use whitening toothpaste. In toothpastes, most importantly, you need to know is to not overdo them, although the content of peroxide in them is low around 0.1% after prolonged use can damage tooth enamel and can be a reason for the occurrence of caries even the front teeth. Typically, dental bleaching should be used up to 30 days and lead to bleaching with one touch. It is recommended that after using such toothpaste to use normal toothpaste containing phosphorus! The price of these toothpastes varies, but really good cost about 7-8 $.

Domestic systems for teeth whitening is a third option for whitening at home. Extremely hot right method because of its affordable price and relatively rapid results in about 7 days to have a white smile. In Bulgaria offers a variety of systems for home teeth whitening, some better, others are more dubious whitening effect, but the fact is that anyone who wants a white smile is the best way to this method for white and beautiful teeth.

It is to present you a product for home teeth whitening is this article. Perhaps some of you have heard of a home teeth whitening Brilliant smile.  Maybe I would not be heard if it was not one of my trip to England, where I encountered with this product.

Why I like Brilliant smile

As someone who regularly writes articles and burying the web I am aware of the systems for teeth whitening is not much to say 95% using the same substance in the peroxide concentration of 10% but grubbing around the sites and reading forums I found that substance can be very dangerous if not used by a professional. Unlike these systems Pets Brilliant smile care dental health main active ingredient in it is Hlordioksid which proved much better whitener and healthier than peroxide. On the back of the box also writes that Brilliant smile reinforces the structure of the gums, which is a bonus to the bleaching effect.


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