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Ideal Size of Penis – compare girth, Length and more..! These three factors, along with caresses, place, time, words  are the factors that will make a woman satisfied or unsatisfied. It is also true that a big mens health (meaning penis) , thick penis, have their importance, as well.  So, what is the magic formula…

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ideal size of penis

19 cm Dick -Is This The Ideal of Penis Length? Therefore, there is arising concern to know what the answer to the question “what is the ideal size of penis”. Some women say that there is no ideal size of penis and  size does not matter, others say it does matter, a lot.   <<<<<…

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Ideal Penis Size – according to whom??

Is a 5 inch penis size small, or 7 inch Penis is Big enough? One thing is what we men think about it. Yet, when you ask women, you will find that…