Strawberry Diet Weight Loss – Home Weight Loss Diet to Slim down!

Strawberry diet weight loss

As you have already seen, strawberry is an awesome way to stay healthy and slim down.



Strawberry Diet Weight LossDay 4.

for breakfast: cheese with strawberries (strawberries – 70 oz., nonfat cottage cheese – 20 oz., cheese (Camembert) not more than 30% fat – 30 grams., whole-grain bread – 2 slices).

Rinse the strawberries and half the berries, cut into circles. Cottage cheese spread on slices of bread. Camembert cheese cut into thin strips and lay the bread on top of cheese. To put a layer of cheese slices sliced ​​strawberries.

Total – 290 cal.




strawberry diet weight loss menu

Strawberry Diet Weight LossLunch:

vitamin blend (strawberries – 100 gr., apple – ½ pc., orange – ½ pc., sweet whey – 150 ml., honey – 1 tsp.) Wash fruit, peel, cut into pieces and cook mashed potatoes, adding milk whey and honey.

Total – 210 cal.

Strawberry Diet Weight Loss – for dinner:

cod with strawberries (strawberries – 150 gr., lettuce, 100 grams., onion – ½ pc., boiled cod fillet – 100g., lemon juice – 20 ml. olive oil – 20 gr., apple juice – 1 tsp, oil – 15 ml., water – 1 tbsp. spoon, salt, pepper, mustard). Wash strawberries and slice. Wash lettuce leaves and chop. Onion peel and finely chop half rings.

Rinse fillets, sprinkle a few drops of lemon juice, add salt and pepper, then fry in olive oil on both sides. Prepare the sauce from the remaining lemon juice, water, mustard (on the tip of a knife), apple juice and vegetable oil.

Salt and pepper to add to the sauce to taste. Sliced ​​strawberries, lettuce and onions to put on a plate and pour sauce. Fried cod fillet lay on top.

Total – 250 cal.

More Strawberry Diet Weight Loss – lunch menu:

marinated strawberries (strawberries – 300 gr., yogurt, natural – 50 oz., water – 1 tbsp. spoon, lemon juice – 1 tbsp. spoon, honey – 1 tsp.) Rinse the strawberries and marinate in the mixture prepared from water lemon juice and honey, half an hour. Together with a strawberry yogurt on the table file.

Total – 140 cal.

Delicious Strawberry Diet Weight Loss dinner:

a salad of vegetables with sauce (strawberries – 100 gr., natural nonfat yogurt – 50 oz., nonfat cottage cheese – 50 oz., lemon juice – 5 ml., carrots – 100 gr., celery leaves – 100 grams. , sweet pepper – 100 gr., apple juice – 5 ml., salt, pepper). Rinse the strawberries and cook with the help of a blender puree, adding yogurt and cottage cheese. Stir in applesauce and lemon juice, add salt and pepper. Pepper cut into thin strips, and carrots – sticks. Chopped celery leaves. Vegetables lodge on the table along with the sauce.

Total – 300 cal.


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This  Strawberry Diet Weight Loss will   make you feel better and healthy and help you Lose Weight at the same time.

Luck to you…!


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