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There are some particular food included in the Stomach Ulcer Diet.

It is recommended that you eat every 3-4 hours, small portions (not allowed large meal at a time). Such frequent and split meals in conjunction with the monotony of the original diet reduces the excitability of the nervous system. Later in the patient feeling better diet can be expanded.

The main principle of the stomach ulcer diet food is cooking, not requiring prolonged chewing, do not irritate the stomach wall either chemically or mechanically and does not cause enhanced production of stomach juice in the stomach and are a minimal amount of time.

With Stomach ulcer Diet you should avoid too hot or too cold food. Low food intake should not exceed 65 ° C and below 15 ° C.

When dietary during peptic ulcer disease is very important not to exceed the rate of salt – 6-10 grams per day (ie, use salt in cooking to a minimum or even to cook without it), or you will add up to the  process in the stomach.

Since the main damaging factor is the imbalance of hydrochloric acid, should be excluded from the stomach ulcer diet foods that excite the secretion of stomach juice, or severely limit their use.

The following table presents the products differently affecting the stomach: one group includes products that increase stomach secretion (ie secretion of stomach juice), and the other – products that are weak activators of stomach secretion.

In the case of stomach ulcers used in food products that increase the secretion of stomach juice, is strictly prohibited.

some qualities of food on the degree of influence on the stomach:

Strong activators of stomach secretion: fried foods, spices: mustard, nutmeg, bay leaf, pepper, cloves, etc.; Strong Meat, fish and mushroom broth, canned, smoked, hot snacks, rye bread, strong tea, coffee, beverages, containing alcohol and carbon dioxide.

Weak activators of stomach secretion: Kashi dairy liquid, soups, milk, vegetable or  (potato, carrot, ) good boiled meat and boiled fish, fresh milk and dairy products, eggs or an omelet ; White bread yesterday’s baking, biscuits, rather weak tea; alkaline water, not containing carbon dioxide.

Consumption of fat in The Stomach Ulcer Diet

Consumption of fat in the acute stage of the disease should be excluded, since the effect of fat on the stomach occurs in two stages: first, they inhibit stomach secretion, and then the products of digestion of fats that form in the intestine, increase the secretion of stomach juice.

The same foods cooked different ways, have different effects on the stomach. For example, a piece of grilled meat is a potent activator of secretion of the stomach and boiled meat – small.

Especially the acute form of the disease, the use of liquid or mushy food: in this form it leaves the stomach more quickly, without causing severe stomach juice (such as a piece of meat will stay longer in the stomach than meat sauce.)

The rate of digestion of food also affects the chemical composition of food. First leave the stomach carbohydrates, second – proteins, fats longest to digest. In this regard, during the flare-up menu in the patient should not include the fats in its purest form.

Thus, in the nutrition and the Stomach ulcer diet of patients with stomach ulcer should attend meals not stimulate a strong production of stomach juice, quickly leaving the stomach, slightly irritating to mucous membranes.

At the same time Stomach ulcer diet for the disease must fill daily requirement of protein, fat and carbohydrates, mineral salts and vitamins, that is to be balanced.

Moreover, the proteins used in the dietary need in optimal ratios to contain all the essential amino acids. Consequently, in the stomach ulcer diet of people with this disease must be present products as vegetable and animal origin. These are some simple remedies and recipes to follow.

Protein and general ideas what to include in the Stomach Ulcer Diet

To enhance the recovery processes active in the stomach ulcer diet should be varied, with a high content of animal proteins (as compared to the physiological norm). This is particularly true of treatment of the disease in adolescence and adolescence.

In the treatment of peptic ulcer in old age more emphasis needs to be done on milk protein and fish that are more easily digested and assimilated. The use  of egg yolks should be limited to two or three pieces a week, egg whites can be used without restrictions.


What about Meat in the Stomach Ulcer Diet?

Meat (beef, chicken, turkey, rabbit) and fish (sea – cod, saffron cod, and others, the river – pike, perch, etc.), used for food in this disease should be low-fat, and meat should be only boiled: as it is deprived of extractives causing increased separation of juice (which is unacceptable in this disease). To boil the meat well, it must be put into cold water and simmer.

It is useful to enrich ulcer diets with vegetable oils, reducing the consumption of animal fat. Vegetable oils used in the preparation of cereals, soups and other dietary foods help to improve metabolism and the healing of ulcers in people suffering from the disease.


Stomach Ulcer Diet and carbohydrates

The content of carbohydrates, especially sugar and contained in the sweets should be limited, since an increased amount of carbohydrate in the diet leads to increased excitability of the nervous system and gain a sense of “irritable stomach”. As the consumption of carbohydrates improve well-being can be increased to the normal physiological needs.

In the stomach ulcer diet of the patient is useful to include mashed vegetables, especially pumpkins, beets, carrots. Vegetable puree can be served alone or added to cooked dishes such as mashed cereals, soups mucous. With the addition of vegetable purees can improve the appearance of food and its taste, to enrich foods with vitamins and minerals.

For good nutrition is very important to the content of minerals and vitamins in sufficient quantities. Particular attention should be paid to the content in the diet of vitamins C, B1, and A. So, in order to enrich the body with vitamin C is recommended to regularly use a solution of rose hips.


Stomach Ulcer diet in the advanced stage of the disease

When the disease is useful to use liquid porridge made of buckwheat, oats, barley groats, as well as mucous soups from wheat bran, which contain large amounts of vitamin B,, positively affecting the nervous system (and the nervous system, as we said above, a positive effect and the condition of the stomach).

Do not forget only that, to preserve vitamins vegetables, fruits, berries must be put into boiling water and cook under the lid closed. Ulcer patients are recommended the use of pure natural mineral waters (bicarbonate) that reduce stomach acidity. Periodically during treatment and for prevention of well use soothing teas from herbs or fees.

The literature on the treatment of peptic ulcer disease provides information on the positive effect of sea buckthorn oil and oil from the seeds of wild rose. They have enveloping properties and promote healing of wounds.

Following our advice , the patient will receive a full body gentle nutrition and treatment, so he needs at the time of acute ulcers. But do not forget: you must first consult with a specialist gastroenterologist for optimal health results.


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