Sore Throat Remedies That Will make you forget about the Swollen throat!

Miracle salve from purulent tonsillitissore throat remedies.

sore throat remediesRecipe number 1 in the Ointment.
The recipe, which helps get rid of a sore throat ever!

During the flowering potatoes harvested from untreated or Colorado beetles Phytophthora potato flowers, they should be blooming, but not wilted.

Sore Throat remedies: In early August, brew the infusion.

1 tbsp with a hill of flowers, fill to the top of a 500 gram cup boiling water (in any case, do not boil!) and push until it becomes suitable for the temperature parameters for rinsing – 40 deg.

Color of the brew should be like a well brewed coffee. And you can start gargling (most importantly, that it is at this time does not hurt). 500 g divided into 3 parts (daily rate) and rinse after meals.

Insist completely harmless if swallowed, though unpleasant tightens the throat. Frequency of rinse – 3 times a day – must be capable of withstanding rinse 10 consecutive days, then a pause – and then rinse month 10 days 3 times a day.

The last time to pause and 10 days for 3 times gargle. That’s all. The more you and your family, if such a course will pass, will never hurt a sore throat.

Sore throat remedies with Hydrogen peroxide

If you have a sore throat, treat it with 3% hydrogen peroxide. Wrap cotton wool on a stick, dip it in peroxide and lubricate the tonsils.

Adults – undiluted peroxide, and children can be slightly diluted with water. This pharmacy drug can also gargle with 1 teaspoon peroxide diluted in 1 tbsp. warm boiled water.

Always helps, sometimes even the first time.

Tincture of oak bark from used for sore throat remedies.

1 tsp shredded oak bark, pour 400 ml of 40-degree vodka. Infused medication about a week.

If you need to take a tincture of 20 drops 2 times a day. To rinse to dissolve a small amount of brandy in warm boiled water.

My throat hurt immediately cease, as oak bark kills all disease-causing microbes.

Compress as  sore throat remedies.>>>


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