Smoking and Diabetes -how are they related?

The Smoking and Diabetes Data are somewhat unexpected and are of a national survey in the U.S. under the program IRAS (for the study of atherosclerosis by insulin rezistent origin in the journal Circulation.

smoking and diabetes


Smoking id definitively not amongst the health remedies advised.

Therefore, according to scientists, smoking may be specified in the first place among the causes of  Diabetes disease.

Relatively long time ago was proved that smoking it is a major cause of many cardiovascular diseases.

Both active and passive smoking. All of it ends up end endangering your health.


There are seven major reasons why smoking and Diabetes don’t go hand in hand.

1/ the chance of you getting nerve damage is much bigger.

This is because of the fact  that smoking affects the blood circulation and as a result the nerve ending are not going to get the nutrient the would need.

When this happens to your feet it will lead to both sores end to and infections. If not taken care of might lead even to amputation.

2/ There is more than 200% risk of getting restricted movement in your joints. It is extremely painful to climb, bend, lift something or whatever motion it is that makes the limbs move.

3/ As a result smoking one can slowly start having kidney problems and even more serious  disease.

4/ Smoking makes your blood pressure climb. High blood pressure increases the chance of getting heart attack.

5/ Statistics have shown that Smoking and Diabetes is a pretty bad combination and is on the list of diseases that are man made.

That increases 3-4 times the risk of dying of heart disease (cardiovascular disease)

6/ Smoking jacks up the Blood- sugar level.  It is becoming very hard to control the Diabetes because levels of Glucose start to go up and down very drastically.

7/ Cholesterol levels leads to goes up, too. Again and again – this leads to increased risk of heart attack.

As a matter of fact- both active and passive smoking have profound effect on the main principles of Diabetes handling( also known as ABC/

A1C- measures the Glucose in the blood for a period of 3 months.

B – The blood pressure. The blood pressure has to be lower than 130/80.

C- Levels of Cholesterol in your blood. They include HDL, LDL and triglycerides. The LDL level has to be

Lower than 100. HDL-has to be above 40 (men) and for women above 50. Levels of Triglycerides have to maintain below 150.

All of the aforementioned  lead to health complications and to top it off the chance of getting Cancer increases, too.


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