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Slim down with these Simple Healthy recipes for Weight Loss

Simple diet , suggests that you must begin to pay closer attention to your body, carefully listen to its needs. Some experts believe that this Diet program embodies all the best that has ever been discovered and studied in the field of nutrition and dietetics. The proposed diet can clearly see the manifestation of some principles of Montignac diet, diet on the clock, diet and dancers the fundamentals of correct nutrition.

By following the basic rules of the proposed diet, anyone can easily get rid of excess pounds, to ensure a constant flow of vital energy, increase your daily activity. Take the diet, and live by its principles - health and high spirits come into your life!

Diet “Forever” is ideal for people who are exhausted in the search for effective and simple way to reduce weight. It is possible to observe a short period of time, as well as for a certain length of life. In any case, it is effective, although at first glance may seem too simple.

Simple Healthy recipes for Weight Loss -Basic  Diet principles

1. Drink 1 – 2 cups of warm water in the morning immediately after waking up (purging the body of toxins and mucus). You can vary the taste of water with a few drops of lemon, honey, etc.

2. An hour before the main meal should always consume a glass of liquid (eg, before breakfast, it will be a glass of juice before dinner – a glass of green tea with mint, before dinner – a glass of any herbal tea with 1 teaspoon of honey).

3. Diet is not intended to indicate the specific foods and their quantities, and only gives the direction of choice and strongly recommends that often vary their diet. The specific choice of food is formed individually and on a daily basis, taking into account the desires and capabilities.

Thus, a person chooses their own fruit and fruit juices, vegetables, cereals, meat (you can explore the compatibility of products with their blood group and choose, according to this principle of compatibility). An important criterion for selection can be considered as the desire to enjoy the food and value. Learning to listen to your body, you can accurately choose for themselves the most for the moment food.

4. Dishes from cereals soaked and prepared only in water.

5. As a salad dressing should be used only vegetable oil (eg olive oil), as well as cider vinegar or lemon juice (few drops), fat-free yogurt. 6. It is recommended to strive to diversify its maximum daily ration and to avoid repetition of dishes. 7. Diet permit violations (once a week) as small gifts for his exploits, eating a bit of “forbidden” goodies. This allows the body to not get hung up on the restrictions and continue the diet.

Simple Healthy recipes for Weight Loss -Daily diet.

12.00 – warm water – 1-2 cups (wake up), fruit or fruit juice of your choice (at 0.5 – 1 hour after ingestion of water), cereal grain or rye bread with herbs.

16.00 – green tea with mint – 1 cup (1 hour before the main meal), chicken (or to choose another lean meat, fish, mushrooms, seafood, legumes or soy products, eggs, nuts) – the size of the portions are very reasonable, salad (any vegetables to choose from) – portion size may be less reasonable.

19.00 – herbal tea – 1 cup (1 hour before the main meal), yogurt – 1 – 3 cups if desired (or any other dairy products).

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