Revivogen Hair LossRevivogen Hair Loss: Cure or Just

Another Hype?

The Revivogen line of hair care products is formulated to fight hair loss. It was produced by top skin experts, and designed to work at the hair follicle. DHT is a hormone that was discovered to be one of the leading causes of hair loss.

This hormone is produced by an elaborate reaction which happens within the hair follicle. Revivogen contains special ingredients which were found to stop DHT production, and in turn slow down hair loss.

Revivogen Hair Loss – What Products Are Included In It?

There are only three products in the Revivogen line: Bio-Cleansing Shampoo, Hair Thickening Conditioner, and Scalp Therapy serum. They are meant to be used together. The shampoo and conditioner have tiny amounts of the growth activating compounds, along with ingredients designed to maintain optimal hair health. The special Scalp Therapy serum is the real magic worker in dealing with hair loss. The serum has high concentrated levels of ingredients that block DHT and increase hair growth.

When can I Use Revivogen Hair Loss?

If you are just starting to observe your hair thinning, or hairline shrinking, the trio of Revivogen products may be all you need. For hair loss that is serious or advanced, you’ll need a more potent product like Rogain. Nevertheless, Revivogen can serve as a support treatment in this case.

Even with rave reviews from many, others report no success with Revivogen. According to a number of unhappy users, they experienced increased hair loss after using the Revivogen products a few times. But this adverse reaction is natural and the manufacturer even tackled this issue on its site.

How Exactly The Revivogen Hair Loss Work On My Hair?

The Revivogen products sparks hair follicle growth, so already present hair starts to grow much more quickly. Hair strands don’t instantaneously go from healthy to gone.

There is a transition period when the hair is still attached, but dying. Any hairs in this level will be released faster, as new growth should be coming faster. Following the first month, the increase in hair loss should cease, and you should begin to see a substantial reduction in hair loss , and getting healthier hair.

How Fast Will I See Results With Revivogen Hair Loss?

People need to fully understand that Revivogen is not a rapid cure for hair loss. It takes 12 to 18 months of use to see the complete potential of what it can do for you, and that is only if you use it correctly. It must be used 3 to 5 times weekly, and using the serum is essential.

Nevertheless, many users don’t like the scalp serum’s gooey consistency and strong scent. The Revivogen shampoo and conditioner are well liked even by people who don’t have hair loss troubles. According to them, these 2 products leave their hair soft and smooth. If you have a hair loss issue, though, you definitely should use the serum because just the shampoo and conditioner won’t treat your problem.

Bottom Line – Is the Revivogen Hair Loss Worth the Effort and the Money?

Now you ask ,, is Revivogen something you really should try out? It all hinges on your hair and how much you are prepared to spend. In case your hair loss is either hereditary or age-related, you’re going to benefit from making use of Revivogen. Having said that, this is only if you can afford to (and are willing to) use it regularly, long-term.

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