Remedies for Constipation – Get Rid of The Constipation Naturally!

 how to get rid of constipation

How to use Remedies for Constipation for achieving the best result

Natural Remedies for constipation , when is delayed  (2-3 days or more) or a systematic lack of bowel movements. In a healthy person is a regular bowel movement, usually at a certain time, stool frequency and volume depend on the nature of power: an abundance of plant foods is usually 2 times a day, with mixed – 1 times, with light meat and egg – 2-3 days .

Remedies for Constipation: What Might be Causing The Constipation in the First Place?

The cause of constipation may be a mechanical obstruction in the intestines – tumors, hemorrhoids, scars, accumulation of feces, as well as functional disorders: atonic constipation are due to the weakening of the muscles of the intestine with the weakening of the overall tone of the body, anemia and weight loss, sedentary lifestyle and irregular eating habits, frequently suppressed desires of the act of defecation (atonic habitual constipation).

Remedies for Constipation – what is the Spastic Constipation?

Spastic constipation occur during prolonged spasm of the muscles of the intestine due to psychic experiences, chronic occupational poisoning, smoking. Constipation can cause an unpleasant feeling of heaviness, and abdominal pain, loss of appetite, headache.
If continues long time  should consult your doctor who will determine the cause of disease and prescribe treatment.

General Recommendations and Remedies for Constipation:

General recommendations for atonic constipation are in use foods that promote normal operation of the intestine, the development of intestinal and abdominal muscles (gymnastics), a conditioned reflex to the bowel, smoking cessation and alcohol.

By laxatives and enemas for constipation constant be resorted to only in consultation with your doctor. Heavy common phenomenon for constipation is largely dependent on the auto-suggestion in connection with the common misconceptions that even short-term constipation lead to self-poisoning organism.

Laxative used as Remedies for Constipation

Random constipation during the so-called stomach blockage is usually cured by taking a laxative, castor oil, Glauber’s salt or other. Castor oil (a tablespoon), it is best to take a hot coffee or cold beer. In addition, an enema of good clean water. If indigestion is also useful to powder seeds of wild carrot (take 1 g 3 times a day).

These are really simple to use Remedies for Constipation and get the Health results you want fast.


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