Raw Food Diet – Healthy Diet Plan.


In the recent years The Dietary Trends took on a different course than the 80s and 90s when the top was low-fat diet.

   Nowadays fashionable  is gluten-free diet and diets with raw food.

Health benefits of the Raw Food Diet.

   This is good news given that fat-free diet will only lead to an increase in ” love handles “at breakneck speed because excess carbohydrates and processed foods.
Recent trends, however, are here to stay for long and we bring maximum benefits, especially health.

What are the three main benefits of eating raw food ?

1. Enzymes – thermal processing of food destroys most of the natural enzymes that help in easy digestion.

   Think of enzymes as worker bees in your body that are included in all processes of nutrients reaching the brain to balance the cholesterol in the blood.
2. A healthy gut – experts are adamant that the problems with the intestines are leading to a bunch of other problems.

   Eating raw foods automatically leads to taking more fiber.

   Fiber relieves bowel movements and is a wonderful method to detoxify the body .
3. More energy – although there is no solid scientific evidence, according to most experts and people who practice this kind of raw food diet are loaded with more energy.



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