Raw Food Diet – Recipes for Healthy Weight Loss

Raw food diet imports very little salt in the body and this is a big advantage, especially for the prevention and treatment of high blood pressure.

   Tolerance of  children to raw food: fruits, salads, carrots, cabbage, nuts, sprouted grains and instead soaked chickpeas, cabbage.

   Added to bread and milk makes much easier feeding with raw food, making it more diverse and more useful.

   Raw food in the form of salads can be a permanent addition to the ordinary just cooked vegetarian food. One or two days a week you may be resorting to a complete raw diet.

Raw Food Diet and how to prepare the products?

Digestibility of crude products can be significantly improved when this is necessary in the state of the digestive organs, by shredding, stay in the plane or pressing.

   Most easily will be bearded juicy fruits: strawberries, raspberries, ripe zarzali, peaches.

   Well are tolerated slightly younger veggies summer salads like: green garlic, young peas, young carrots and celery, cauliflower and others.

   Caloric value of raw food, depending on the choice of individual products and their quantity can fluctuate from 800 to 2500 calories.

   By the addition of olive oil, walnuts, mayonnaise, and with dry fruits caloric value can be further increased.

Raw gives very good results as long as fruit and vegetables are washed very well.

If you have some formation of intestinal gas: should not be used simultaneously fruits and vegetables and also watch which fruits you eat simultaneously.

Home remedies commonly using raw foods in the following diseases:

   obesity, constipation, certain gastrointestinal diseases, plethora, some kidney diseases, liver diseases, diabetes, heart disease (fruit and vegetable days), gout, joint diseases, thyroid, migraines, high blood pressure, inflamed and clogged veins, blood clotting, atherosclerosis and others.

Raw Food Diet

This diet lasts a number of days depending on the course of the disease and the will and desire of the patient.

   After a pause is repeated several times during the year, and this is repeated every year.

Success depends most of the strong will to overcome the habit and his attraction to ordinary cooked foods.

Raw Home Remedies  recommends to practice 1-2 times a week, called zig zag  diet.

Indicative schedule for the day:

For breakfast recommended 150-200 g fresh fruit, 20-30 g almonds or walnuts, a cup of linden tea, 1-2 raw eggs, honey, butter, depending on season and taste.

At lunch and dinner – same with the addition of raw vegetables as a salad with a cup of honey (diluted with water) and grape juice (made without any chemicals), not very oil (olive oil, not oil), lemon juice instead of vinegar.

Give the Raw Food Diet a chance…”), and Luck!


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