Raw Food Diet – Angelina Jolie and Her Raw Diet.

Angelina Jolie is not only a wonderful actress and ambassador to the UN voluntary, but the mother of six children, of whom only three were adopted.

Who would have thought that 36-year-old mother of three children can be so slim and have such sexy body?

   We all know how difficult it is to keep in shape, especially even after the birth of three children.

   “Raw food diet” of Angelina Jolie , however, helps to achieve impressive results!

   raw food diet

What is the “raw food diet” of Angelina Jolie?

To keep fit actress goes to the gym regularly. She spends much time in training, doing exercises for different muscle groups.

   Practice and kickboxing. For Angie is not only a way to lose weight but to get rid of stress and be filled with positive energy.

As for nutrition, Jolie has experimented with several other schemes before landing on a “raw food diet”.

   This indeed is the most popular diet not only among the stars, but among those who want to lose weight around the world.

Raw Food Diet – What are the advantages?

   Its advantages are that it helps to quickly get rid of excess weight, without severely limiting the amount of food intake, and if it helps to normalize digestion.

    At first glance, the feeding of raw materials may seem a strange way to lose weight, but it is very healthy and safe method.

“Raw food diet” or raw diet is quite extreme, where the menu is off all foods that have undergone any heat treatment.

   75% of ingested products must be raw because cooking them will make them lose all of the nutrients.

   In addition, raw food is better absorbed by the body.


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