Quick Weight Loss Tips – Get that New Look.

After implementation of this diet you will not only lose weight. You become a different person!

If you were beginning in the category “curvacious lady” with belly, not very big, but folds pads on the thighs, hips visibly rounded like second chin, then in the end it will be transformed as follows:

Flat stomach, slender thighs without cellulite , tight neck and hips, which will then turn both women and men – the first of envy, the latter – see why.
Just do not abuse the sweets in the future!

   quick weight loss tips   

Quick Weight Loss Tips with the Tea Diet.

III. Tea diet
(Effect: 10 kg for 12 days)
If the situation is so tough, you have no choice except the final and radical version of “Tea Diet.”

It has been applies in elite sanatoriums for weight loss.

Quick Weight Loss Tips – The menu is quite simple:

For 12 days from 1.5 to 2 liter drink herbal or green tea sweetened with honey and eat every day  couple of kg fruit of your choice.

   The only allowed during this time is three times a day to drink mineral water.
Slow  post diet recovery after tea diet lasts 10 days with a single pan-fat yogurt and a slice of white bread slice.

Leaving this Duet you will be at least 10 pounds lighter.

IV. Cleansing diet – Quick Weight Loss Tips:

(Effect: 5-6 kg for 7 days)

This diet is a softer version of the unloading days.

   Read for that week after which you will get rid of 5-6 kg.

   The diet is suitable for the application after we come from vacation , when inevitably we are starting to eat  a bit more, and this regime has exactly for that purpose purifying effect.

 Quick Weight Loss Tips –  Day 1:

Pound of raw vegetables, the best cucumber. Morning and at bedtime can drink a glass of milk.

Day 2.
1 kg fruit of your choice, but bananas and grapes. Also a glass of milk morning and evening.

Day 3.
Fully protein menu:
Breakfast – cup of milk
Lunch – a piece of cheese as cigarette pack
Dinner – a glass of milk H

  Quick Weight Loss Tips – Day 4.
Kg to eat boiled potatoes 3-4 taken, plus a glass of milk morning and evening

Day 5.
Again, any fruit and two glasses of milk

Day 6.
1 kg stone fruit – peaches, apricots. And do not forget the milk

   Quick Weight Loss Tips – the last day of the  week, Day 7.

1 liter apple juice and mineral water will.

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