Psychological Impotence – what is it and how affects me?

Psychological factors in impotence: for man penis size can be a big issue, and  is a key factor for mens health.

psychological impotence


For many of them sexual satisfaction lies in the size of the penis and creates an incorrect sexual psychology and a huge problem thinking that man fails to take appropriate measures, as they do not want his wife to detect it being defective in some way.

Psychological Impotence is quite often a reason for sexual handicapped in some groups.

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Labor concerns, anxiety, stress, and a host of factors and issues are influencing the development and normal sexual life

of man and leave you with a kind of sexual impotence and sexual dissatisfaction.

 Psychological Impotence  AND Sexual In-satisfaction.

Today, with the influx of information about sexuality in the age, the discussion of the issues is no longer a social taboo, and increasingly more ordered the doctor to answer questions.

In the specialties of pediatrics, especially those involved in the correction of congenital anomalies of the genital organs, the parents show a growing concern about the consequences of certain pathology and / or functional in adolescent sexuality, or even at the age an adult.

To better understand the context of certain anomalies and related Psychological Impotence, some thoughts on sex determination and the formation of internal and external genitalia, are needed.

The definition of the sex of a person depends on three factors: the genetic sex (or chromosomes), anatomical sex, ie through the development of internal and external genitalia, and sexual identity of the person (male or female) .

It is important to make a difference in terms of sex and gender of the person. Gender is the social significance related to the condition of being male or female.


You can also say that gender identity is the individual perception of being male or female. Or, the agency of man or woman who comes down to expectations about how a man or woman should behave.

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