How to treat the psoriasis?

Currently, for around 3000 different skin diseases (dermatoses). Psoriasis – one of the most common chronic, relapsing dermatosis.

According to various estimates, about from 2.5% of the population suffer from Psoriasis.

A significant proportion of psoriasis in the structure of human diseases, a steady tendency to increase the number of patients, and lack of effectiveness of existing treatments can be attributed to this dermatosis “diseases of civilization.” Risk of developing psoriasis in a lifetime is our 2.2%.

psoriasis treatment And although for the treatment of psoriasis has recently offered a variety of drugs and methods, carried out treatment is almost never leads to full recovery and is rare – to the long-term (over 5 years) of remission. Thus, the whole problem of psoriasis still remains unresolved.

Today, scientists consider this dermatosis as System-disease – psoriatic disease “because of its relationship with the pathology of internal organs, metabolism and the nervous system. The second half of XX century was marked by a truly massive assault on the problem of psoriasis.

Only in the last decade the world has published more than 10 000 studies devoted to it, making it the most studied. However, until now none of the hypotheses or theories are not fully disclose the essence of the disease, therapy and prevention of problems faced by professionals, dermatologists as acute as 100 years ago.

Search History treatments for psoriasis is full of drama, hopes and disappointments. Any classification of these methods are fairly conventional, but their focus is definitely not opposed to the hypothetical causal factor, but against a known general and local mechanisms of pathology. At all times there were rumors about the next miracle cure for psoriasis, but the time passed, the excitement and euphoria subsided and the patient again remained alone with his disease.

“Panacea”, as we know, does not happen, and only the naive patients, who believe in a miracle, require a full guarantee of success. Some patients, in desperation, sometimes using several methods and drugs to the principle of “maybe something will help”, which is extremely adverse, and sometimes threatening deterioration. It is therefore necessary to use only proven effective methods, based on objectively tracked (and reproduced on large numbers of patients), therapeutic factors, tus achieving best health results.

Recently, the pharmaceutical market is flooded with various anti psoriasis drugs. There they are in U.S. pharmacies. In addition, they are for the most part are extremely expensive (up to $ 900 per package) and have serious side effects, their practical application shows that in most cases they are only temporarily ease the suffering of the patient, and it quickly develops immunity.

Lack of effectiveness of methods psorisistherappy often forced to extend the concept of clinical remission before the “duty of plaques. Faced with both severe forms of psoriasis (often complicated by irrational previous therapy) and with patients who dermatosis only brings beauty and emotional discomfort. For some patients can keep the psoriasis under cosmetic comfort – is the greatest blessing.

In view of the uncommon difficulties in achieving a successful outcome patients have to exercise some will power. Should never give up, give in to difficulties, and the blows of fate!

Psoriasis is not contagious

Another name for psoriasis – psoriasis. In normal, healthy options lifeless layer of the epithelium from the skin flakes off imperceptibly. In psoriasis lesions in the cells begin to proliferate at an increased rate, almost 10 times faster than normal. Such impetuosity leads to the fact that the old layer has no time peels and accumulate, transforming into plaques of silver-white color.

Trying to get rid of plaque, the body includes a protective mechanism: damaged skin are beginning to peel off, sometimes causing the itching. Favourite places plaques – elbows and knees. Quite often, psoriasis chooses the place of skin folds, hiding under the hair on his head appears on the face. In the affected areas fall fairly large flakes.

Most active manifestations of the disease occur in the skin. In more severe cases the nails are involved – are longitudinal or transverse excision, naperstkoobraznaya istykannost on the nail bed exude a yellowish-brown spots. In 5-8% of cases of damaged joints. If you hurt the knee joints or small joints of the feet, it hurts to walk. If it affects the elbow and fingers and difficulty in movement. Psoriatic arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis resembling, a severe form of the disease and not always accompanied by skin eruptions.

To severe and include palmar-plantar rash. Due to the fact that these surfaces are constantly in contact with the footwear, and water, its treatment for long stretches. Very rare psoriasis, accompanied by fever, chills and weakness.

Scientists from different countries held a large number of studies, but neither hypothesis has not become a universal explanation of psoriasis. Today it is known that to a large extent is a hereditary factor involved. If one parent suffers from psoriasis, the risk of disease in a child is 4% if both parents – 41%. Of course, the predisposition to psoriasis is not in every case turns into a disease. Trigger by streptococcal infection (tonsillitis), stress and other factors.

But it is the nerve to blame for the turmoil that recently the number of cases of psoriasis is slowly but surely growing. Provoking moments can be diabetes, obesity, lowered immunity and disruption of the liver.

Provoke a relapse may and every little thing. Plaques appear in the field of pressure and friction on the head – on caps, hats on the body – from the strap hours, from clothing. Comes to the fact that the elements occur at the injection site where the needle pierced the skin. Plaques on the elbows may occur in doctors, teachers, journalists, programmers – those who have most often “wipe your elbows,” that is to write, type on your computer. Of course, the disease occurs only in one who to him is located.

There are two age peaks, which account for activation of psoriasis – 13-25 and 50-60 years. Men get sick more often.

Despite the fact that psoriasis is called ringworm, he is not dangerous to others. They can not get any air-borne or sexually or through glasses or handshakes.

Treatment should not be burdened more than the disease itself

Psoriasis Treatment – includes internal and external medications, physical therapy techniques. Unfortunately, not all cases it is possible to achieve the desired results.

To date, effective treatment is PUVA therapy – long-wave radiation beams. Invented in the mid-seventies, she still remains a method that is especially shown in the common forms. Suitable PUVA therapy is not everything. It is not recommended for diabetes, malignant and benign tumors. Not suitable for a stomach ulcer and the patient liver.

Another way – selective phototherapy (SFT) – the ultraviolet rays of medium length. Its medicinal properties are somewhat lower but a wider range of applications – from children with progressive psoriasis at the local psoriasis. SFT also produced drugs for domestic use.

Dermatologists do not prohibit patients enjoy the popular recipes – ointment of tar, grease, floral honey, especially since there are cases where these methods are more efficient and useful. Recently in Europe, in particular, has proven himself magnipsor.

According to experts and patients, the ointment preparation is not simply removes plaque and cleans stable. Almost a quarter of patients, according to surveys, have remission of more than 7 years. Often, when applying ointment to the body, the scalp plaque also disappeared.

It is also important and innocuous treatment, its timing and accessibility (cost, as well as the possibility of self-treatment at home) and a minimum of inconvenience, because the treatment should not be burdened more than the disease itself.

Using the ointment, patients treated at home in a convenient mode of operations, observing a simple diet, before the onset of remission. To date, performance, ease of use, and no side effects magnipsor therapy is unique in the vast market antipsoriaticheskih drugs and techniques.

Psoriasis without relapse?

Unfortunately, they often have to deal with this situation. The man treats psoriasis, achieve success and celebrates his victory over the disease … But … after some time back ailment, and, with renewed vigor. The patient – disappointment! Hence, it was a bad treatment, the effect of which was over so quickly …

But is this true? Guiltily whether this substandard care? Patients are likely to make false conclusions, because very often provoke a relapse of the disease may be a variety of reasons.

A very large role played by neuro-mental state. In 40% of cases, psoriasis comes back after an emotional overload. Often, when a nervous condition in the brain is formed center of excitation, which works on psoriasis, and the fact that the patient is constantly “obsessed” with his illness, the body can not let her go.

This means, first and foremost, you need to master avtotreningom or take advantage of the therapist, who conducts sessions aimed at removing or reducing the negative effects of stress. In the second place of importance – a full night’s rest. Bedtime to no later than 10 pm and get up – no earlier than 6:00 am. This is – the norm for a healthy person. A patient with psoriasis should increase the duration of sleep up to 10-12 hours.

It is known that “wake up” Psoriasis can be heart disease, gastrointestinal tract (gastritis, gastric ulcer and 12 duodenal ulcers, colitis), liver (cholelithiasis, biliary dyskinesia), thyroid disease, diabetes, gynecological inflammatory processes, etc. d. The rash of such cases are more often in the form of the thickened, scaly plaques abundantly.

Two more groups of dangerous factors triggering psoriasis – this intoxication, coming from the outside world (work with poisons, pesticides, leaded gasoline, etc.). The conclusion suggests itself – preventive treatment should be made taking into account the comorbidities that are present in humans.

Another aspect – good nutrition, balanced in protein, carbohydrates and fats in the ratio 7:9:1,5 g per 1 kg net weight (net weight – a total weight minus the weight of stored fat). Remember that every extra kg body is forced to build a 4 km of the capillary network, whose hearts need to wash the blood. Hence the conclusion – the greater the weight, the greater the load on the heart.

In psoriasis, required a special diet, rich in essential fatty acids. These acids form in the body active ingredients of hormonal type  have anti-inflammatory and antiallergic effect. It is also necessary to completely abandon alcohol. It not only provokes relapse and aggravates the course of the disease, but also prevents the  cure . If we talk about diet as a whole, except for alcohol should be eliminated foods containing animal fats.

Often need to take a bath (temperature 35-40 ° C) with a decoction of pine needles, striped, sea salt.

And, recently, psoriasis often suffer from residents of cool, so if possible, patients at least once a year will be very helpful to bask in the southern sun (but do not cook for hours). for optimal health results.


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