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Necessary steps to increase the effect of the Psoriasis diet

  1. limit intake of foods that cause allergic reactions;
  2. increase the number of meals, while reducing the amount of one-off;
  3. consume food in boiled, boiled or stewed (excluded from the Psoriasis diet fried and smoked);
  4. completely excluded from the diet spice, spicy vegetables, spices (mustard, mayonnaise, ketchup), firm meat, fish and mushroom soups and sauces, etc.;
  5. observe the fasting days (1-2 days fasting);
  6. drastically reduce the consumption of alcoholic beverages;
  7. reduce consumption of sugary foods (candy, jams, cakes, honey, etc.). Sugar substitute sweeteners;
  8. consume a lot of vegetable oils rich in essential fatty acids, and foods containing lecithin.


More detailed description of the Psoriasis Diet.

Statistics showed that in patients with psoriasis have five major problems: severe violation of the general metabolism, lowered immune system, dysfunction of the neuroendocrine system and the imbalance of redox processes.

Dietary factors may influence psoriasis and modulate its clinical expression. Note that diet plays a role in the etiology and treatment of psoriasis. However, the Psoriasis diet – a highly individual issue.

Allergy and sensitivity to foods is crucial for patients, the use of a Psoriasis diet with those and other products.

The degree of permeability of the intestine and the system’s ability to fight off self-poisoning are also important factors in preparing a diet and Psoriasis Diet for a particular patient.

The use of dietary supplements (eg fish oil) may be varied to influence the patient’s Psoriasis diet. diet. The main task of finding the “main” dietary factor (such as protein, taurine, fatty acids) which are problematic for patients psoriasis.

Meals should be simple, varied and rich in vitamins. All of thee  helps achieve better Health.

Here is the Dr, Pagano psoriasis diet:

We are what we eat… This wise saying pertains to people with psoriasis in a great degree. Psoriasis is an old and mysterious disease, but even the ancient healers noticed the influence of the food and beverages on the state of the skin of people with psoriasis. One of the first people, who have derived his own system based on the influence of food on psoriasis, was John O.A. Pagano.

John Pagano is a chiropractic physician, a specialist who got his degree from the College of Osteopathic Medicine. Pagano has been treating people with psoriasis with an “all natural” method for forty years. His book, HEALING PSORIASIS: The Natural Alternative was originally published in 1991 and has been on best seller lists from 1998 through the present. Dr Pagano Psoriasis Diet has received a wide acceptance throughout the whole world.

What is the essence of his system? In brief, doctor Pagano believes that bowel toxins are the reason for psoriasis. The bowels can’t manage the toxins, and so the toxins percolate into the circulatory and lymphatic systems. John calls this “the syndrome of a non-hermetic bowel”. The liver and kidneys also cannot neutralize the toxins, and so the skin becomes the “last cleansing resort”.


Psoriasis patients is certainly necessary to exclude from your Psoriasis Diet all foods containing large amounts of fats, proteins, carbohydrates and cholesterol. Because patients often disturbed lipid metabolism, it is advisable to appoint a diet with restriction of fatty meats and sausages, liver, kidney, butter (no more than 25 grams a day), egg yolks, fatty fish, caviar. In exudative forms of the disease and erythroderma should limit consumption of salt (no more than 3 grams a day).

During treatment, you can not take antibiotics, drink alcoholic beverages, products containing volatile (onion, garlic, horseradish), as well as a red pigment (tomatoes, including pasta and ketchup, red berries, rose hips and other fruits), eggs, bacon , meats, citrus fruits, honey, cocoa products, chocolate, whole milk. Also severely restrict all very sharp, sweet, fatty, sour and salty.

These health guidelines and restrictions on a Psoriasis  diet affect all patients, although there is an individual reaction to the violation of the Psoriasis (from very acute to a completely neutral). Therefore, in order to reduce the risk of negative impacts on the immediate and long-term outcomes should strictly adhere to recommendations for Psoriasis  diet. A diet of fresh fruits and vegetables and low in protein is recommended for the treatment of this disease.

Fruits and vegetables are the best Home remedies and great sources for your psoriasis diet.Ftuits and vIt is recommended to use more fresh vegetables, fruits and berries (not red). Of the meat products are allowed to lean beef, rabbit meat and turkey in boiled or stewed (no more than 150 grams a day). In the acute phase of illness is expedient to use the first vegetarian dishes, and in the future – on a low meat broth.

Of the dishes recommended boiled meat, steam cutlets, meatballs, from the side dishes – various cereals (potatoes and flour is desirable to limit), a vegetable stew. Fish eat only fresh water, fresh (excluding sturgeon, catfish, carp) in boiled or lightly fried form. Coffee and strong tea should be restricted, to use more light canned fruit or stewed dried fruits, and spring melt water (frozen in the refrigerator for boiled water and allow to thaw at room temperature).

Attempts to treat psoriasis starvation mostly did not lead to conclusive positive results. However, one thing – a full regime of starvation and quite another – a Psoriasis diet designed for a long time and is extremely necessary at all stages of the treatment of psoriatic disease. For obese patients requires fasting days. Following the Psoriasis diet is very iportant for achieving that awesome Health you deserve.

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