Premature Ejaculation Technique – fast and easy solution!

premature ejaculation technique to last, techniques to last in bedThe technique of “stop and go” – Techniques to control ejaculation

The Start Stop Method is a way to prevent PE and is one of the

numerous premature ejaculation techniques used to train the male


 ejaculatory reflexes gaining you more control over when you climax.

This premature ejaculation technique  is not hard to implement and really works,  particularly if you suffer from hyper sensitivity issues, or have created bad habits from years of masturbating incorrectly.

Step One:

With your hands completely dry, try masturbating for about fifteen minutes without ejaculating.

You must be very consistent with how often you do the exercises. For this you could create a table with degrees of enthusiasm as you go and must also be able to know where you are in every moment .

Premature Ejaculation Technique step two:

In this step when you feel you are about to ejaculate and then stop altogether encouraging, keep focused on how you feel, but at the genitals and make several deep breaths.

Therefore, you will see how the degree of excitement decreases and then starts again, but only when you feel that you are able to reach the same emotion.

Step three:Premature ejaculation Technique.

Repeat steps one and two for about three more times and for fifteen minutes.

Step Four of Premature Ejaculation Technique.

The fourth time you try you should use a lubricant because in this way is much more exciting and therefore will be much harder for you to control ejaculation.

premature ejaculation technique

I recommend starting with small movements, slow and then gradually increase the stimulation energy as you feel safe. All of these techniques are effective remedies for boosting your mens health in bed, and make your sex life skyrocket,


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