Pregnant Women DietTips for Pregnant Women.

Tips for Pregnant Women

Weight Loss During Pregnancy – Pregnant Women Diet.

The average daily caloric value 673 kcal.
Be sure to follow this  advice – use the diet only after consultation with a physician (especially if you apply to the maximum duration of the diet).

This diet is based on kefir, apple diet, with the only difference being that in mind the changing hormonal levels in pregnant women the number of products on a reduced food intake. This Pregnant Women Diet not only reduces the nausea, but in general promotes good health.

Pregnant Women Diet

After 1-2 hours (but no later than 2 hours before bedtime) to eat apples and drink a half cup of half (or less) fat-free yogurt (1%) (no sugar). Apples must choose green. Kefir can be partly replaced by green tea or carbonated water and not mineral  (again, no sugar).

The advantages of a Pregnant Women Diet:

Pregnancy is not a disease. Are any dietary restrict ions you do not need (except the last trimester). Eat all you can, in principle. But you can get nausea did not follow the Diet..

This diet is designed to minimize the nausea, but apples (only get about two pounds per day) and provide your body and your baby’s body with necessary vitamins, minerals, vegetable fibers and normalizes the bowels.

Deficiencies in this Pregnant Women Diet:

To apply the diet should consult a doctor. This diet is not completely balanced in minerals, vitamins, (no carbohydrates – which will further stabilize your weight.)

You may need vitamin or mineral complexes (though they themselves may cause nausea.) Diet is not for everyone – everyone’s body is different. For your type – the duration of the diet is measured together with the doctor.


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