Polyps in the nose and larynx!

Nasal polyps

Allergic polyp


Represents hyperplastic growth of the lining, usually located on the leg. Its development is associated with allergic disorders – rhinitis. Its surface is cushioned with normal respiratory epithelium with thickened basal membrane. Stromal  and is swollen. There is eosinophilic infiltration of leukocytes.

These polyps can be a cause of persistent headache.


Fungiform polyp

As often occurs in men and has a septum. Its surface is cushioned by multilayer flat epithelium if they are located in the nasal entrance, and in the nasal cavity are completely covered with cylindrical epithelium.

Polyps Adenoids

Represent hiperlaziya of lymphoid tissue in the walls of the nasopharynx in infants that can lead to obstruction of the upper tract. This is called. third tonsil. Treatment is surgical.

Polyps of larynx

Papillary polyp

Represents a benign tumor. Usually single-small sized   reddish nodule located on the true vocal cords. Its histological structure is as squamous papilloma .

Fibroma of the larynx (vocal unit)

Along with the Nasal Polyps , fibroma occurs mainly in singers and other professions where there is tension of votes. It is therefore considered pseudotumoral or a reactive process. Growing form of softness unit located on the vocal cords. Coated with multilayer flat epithelium and in the underlying stroma  reveal numerous blood vessels whose walls are thickened, imbued with the substance resembling amyloid and fibrin.


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