Penis Enlargement Tips – ever wondered how to make your penis bigger?

If you sense that your penis size is not really delivering what is being expected, would you like to do something about it but did not know you could work?

You will be surprised to know that you can have excellent results performing penis enlargement exercises.
Do not be afraid to try the exercises because it is a discreet and easy way to get to get that you want, without pain or medical treatments can get very good results.




Penis Enlargement Tips -how simple are they?

The following exercises to enlarge your penis will be your best allies to surprise the girls, to win back your girlfriend and your wife to think of another honeymoon. They are the simplest steps and with better results than you can imagine.

The exercises are easy to perform in the comfort of your home you can exercise your penis to have greater confidence, without much effort you want to do that so much.

If you wonder what you have to do here are the exercises in order to maximize your penis and have the satisfaction you are looking for.

Penis Enlargement Tips #1-lets get started

1. Flip Horizontal: Start with a warm up exercise to your penis, you can use water or a hot towel. You can use strokes to reach the erection easily, once the penis is erect it securely to the bottom.

Strike lightly with the hand being the root of the penis horizontally, almost feels like a tug at the base of the penis, stop when you see the head of the penis out. Hold for 10 seconds and repeat 20 times to achieve a better result.

Penis Enlargement Tips -#2

2. Flip Vertical: In the same way begins with a warm-up exercise, as a general use water or a hot towel.

At the time that the penis is fully erect hold the base firmly. Place the penis in an upright position down as to their knees, use enough pressure to feel uncomfortable, but not too much to cause pain.

Hold for 10 seconds, then place the penis pointing upwards as your navel again exert sufficient pressure and hold for 10 seconds. Repeat the penis enlargement exercises alternately 20 times.

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