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The penis pump is includes two components:

penis enlargement techniques penis

  1/ Pump

For Bigger Penis

Other than both of these parts you need lubrication and constriction band too, these products typically come along with the penis pump equipment.

The pump motor can be possibly manually or perhaps electrically powered. Cylindrical conduit takes in and also pumps only the penis.

Other than those two the last thing which you need is the lubrication which is applied to your penis as well as on the base of the tube.

The benefits from all of these lubricants are usually easy insertion in to the tube, and easy stretching of penis.

How to apply the Penis Pump Penile Enlargement Techniques?

SizeGenetics penis enlargement pump is one penis extender which usually posses each of the qualities of your effective penis pump.


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The very important areas of penis pump is the round tube.

Imagine if the pump you ordered has very small penis canister then what would you do? Few other solution but to replace the actual pump.

What does the sizegenetics penis extender consist of?

a. Traction. This is a common working system of penis extenders. By providing a constant stretch, space is created on penis, especially at the Corpora Cavernosa (part of the penis that holds blood during an erection), to form new cells so that more blood can flow and enlarge the penis.

b. Exercise. SizeGenetics provides “Penis Health DVD” so that we can practice to improve its strength and erections. If you get bigger penis, but weaker, isn’t it really bad?


It usually is better to accumulate some information about the cylinder at the same time. You should always choose the cylinder which can be 1/4 inches greater in diameter of your erect penis.

This kind of difference inside the tube can help you to gain a great optimal balance between the areas of growth.

In case you selected cylinder with more area than this then you may not really get the correct and satisfying result which you wanted all the time..

How does the Penile Enlargement Techniques with the pumping works?

The basic idea behind the actual pumping is to increase the blood flow in the penile region. Most of the times the reason behind your erection problems is the weak blood flow.

When you begin pumping your vacuum receives created close to the penis, which draws inside the blood to the penis.

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