Osteoporosis and  Nutrition combined with Exercises!

An article published in the journal “Nutrients,” states that must be used calcium and vitamin D, before resorting to drugs to increase bone density as result of developing Osteoporosis.

osteoporosis and nutritionIn his study Plaveski Kars and his colleagues at the University of Illinois selected 62 human studies conducted in the next few years.

They assessed the impact on bone health food supplements containing calcium and vitamin D, food and nutrients associated with maintenance of bones (including protein, potassium and vitamin K), on diets such as Mediterranean. The choice of any natural health remedies is always preferred.

Researchers confirmed the benefits of nutritional supplements to maintain bone health.

They can be used to treat menopausal women and people at risk of osteoporosis, especially given the side effects that occur when using medications to treat this condition and diseases.

Osteoporosis and nutrition – where are the drugs coming into Place?

According to the most authors  drugs should be last resort for treating Osteoporosis. Bisphosphonates for example, can distort the normal recovery of the bone structure, resulting in cells that make up old bones and produce new ones.

When this occurs, new bone is built on the old. Indeed, bone density is higher, but not healthy bone structure. Although tests show increased bone density, people are at high risk of Osteoporosis fracture.
Dr. Plavecki recommended that a varied diet that provides many nutrients, including large quantities of magnesium, potassium and calcium.

Also emphasizes the need to increase physical activity needed to maintain bone and muscle strength and balance and flexibility in order to reduce the effect of Osteoporosis on the Body and health.

More On Osteoporosis and nutrition and the use of some natural remedies is coming up in next posts.


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