Nutrition for Pregnant Women – Food for Pregnant Women.


Pregnancy Diet Plan and Nutrition for Pregnant Women.

Proper nutrition of pregnant women – one of the most important problems of modern obstetrics. It has long been  the recommendations on this issue, but unfortunately, the minimum number of womenget them it in full.
Therefore, the information in this article will help you give birth to a healthy baby.

First of all, food must be appropriate for your condition.. This means that every day in your diet should include proteins, fats and carbohydrates in certain proportions. Of course, in the first place are proteins that are the building blocks for the body of the child.

Therefore, you must eat every day for at least 200 grams of meat. It is desirable to use domestic organic meat, since  it is free of growth hormones (including steroids),2 times a week is recommended to replace meat with fish from low-fat varieties.

But it must be as long as possible to handle her with  more heat, as part of the frozen fish is processed by tetracycline, antibiotics, teratogenic (disfigures the fruit)-need more heat to get rid of that effect. It is therefore recommended to boil, broil and cook the fish for several hours.

Nutrition for pregnant women and  proteins

Suppliers into the body proteins are eggs and dairy products. Every day should eat one egg for the prevention of salmonellosis – one of the most common intestinal infections – it should be boiled for at least six minutes.

For this reason, infectious disease doctors recommend eating no fried egg. You also need to eat 100 grams of cottage cheese, 50 grams of cheese and drink at least half a liter of yogurt.

Vegetables are irreplaceable  part of the Nutrition for pregnant women

Eating fruits and vegetables provides the intake of carbohydrates, vitamins, and that’s very important micro nutrients. Every day should eat 600 grams of raw vegetables and raw fruits 300-400 grams. If you for some reason can not buy fresh fruit, they can be replaced by dried fruit (raisins, figs, prunes, apricots).


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