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Vitamins- How important are they for my health? Vitamins are imported into our body through food, we can not synthesize them. The only small exception is vitamin D3, which our skin can in ultraviolet sunlight to synthesize than one form of cholesterol – 7-dehydrocholesterol. But those amounts are insufficient, especially for children and adolescents, pregnant…

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Dieting and water

Dieting and Water – how to Lose Weight naturally and Stay Healthy! Whether or not you might be dieting or perhaps stay a dynamic healthful life-style, diet and also workout are usually important in your well being. We’ve grow to be all together inside the American tradition, any passive, gradual relocating, obese and also flaccid…

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aphrodisiac foods

Aphrodisiac foods – helps to get the vitality and energy back.     Aphrodisiac foods – source of minerals and nutrients for the body. For Prostatitis:Every day for a month to eat fresh 2 – 3 cm piece of leaf aloe for 15 minutes before meals.   Aphrodisiac foods – recipe mix for energy burst with nettle…

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