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how to get rid of constipation

Remedies for Constipation – Get Rid of The Constipation Naturally!   How to use Remedies for Constipation for achieving the best result Natural Remedies for constipation , when is delayed  (2-3 days or more) or a systematic lack of bowel movements. In a healthy person is a regular bowel movement, usually at a certain time,…

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mouth ulcer

Mouth Ulcers Home Remedy – How to Treat  Mouth Ulcers Simple but effective Mouth Ulcers Home Remedy Mouth Ulcer Home Remedy with Garlic and yogurt. * Crush 3 cloves of garlic and rub thoroughly with 2 tsp. yogurt. The mixture is slightly warm and keep your mouth, spreading the language on the sore spots. Will…

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stomach ulcer

Stomach Ulcer Diet – What to Eat, How Often, Simple Ulcer Diet.   There are some particular food included in the Stomach Ulcer Diet. It is recommended that you eat every 3-4 hours, small portions (not allowed large meal at a time). Such frequent and split meals in conjunction with the monotony of the original…

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