Natural Penis Enlargement Techniques – how to do them right!

The correct way to increase penis size is to increase the “corpora cavernosa” and all the spongy tissue that surrounds him – and fills with blood when you have an erection.

If you start the exercises cold, your penis will suffer the consequences in the form of bruises and blemishes that can be avoided by heat.  Before doing anything else, you always have to put your mens health in the first place, that is the most important part.

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When using Natural Penis Enlargement Techniques prepare in advance?

As you should warm up in other parts of your body and muscle tissue before a workout, the same is true with your penis.

This will prepare your penis training that will follow, causing the blood in the spaces of “corpora cavernosa” are hot for the tissue to expand which will become flexible and fluffy.

This natural penis enlargement techniques  is called “heating hot with compression” and should be done before and after all the training to present his penis and testicles. We call this technique “, hot” because you are using a heating pad to expand and warm the tissue in the penis and testicles.

Take a clean cloth (can be a hand towel) and leave in warm water for about half a minute. Now, he sits at the end of a comfortable surface and must maintain this fabric (which should be hot but not boiling) water into the penis and testicles for 2 minutes, repeat the process twice making sure the fabric will stay warm.

Natural Penis Enlargement Techniques – the preparation is really important!

This heating is done to promote and maintain the blood into the penis so blood spaces are  becoming larger and more flexible. This will help in terms of faster progress and gain size, but also promotes good blood circulation.

We invite you to go into our techniques of natural penis exercises  with the technique described. With these exercises you will see a change change the way you view your sex, and the love life will improve after that.

Always perform the technique of “hot pad” before and after the Natural Penis Enlargement Techniques. With these simple natural remedies  you will ensure faster results, better and with less chance of spots and bruises due to the “corpora cavernosa” were ill-prepared.

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