Natural Penis Enlargement – Grow Bigger Penis And Start Your New Sex-Life Now.

how to increase penis sizeThis technique for natural penis enlargement is extremely important for several reasons:it gives you a stronger erection, contributes to an intense (often repeated), orgasm, helps control ejaculation.

They reduce recovery time after an orgasm and even maintains prostate health.

  The key to natural penis enlargement is in the PC muscle (pubococcygeal muscle) is part of the pelvic floor muscles are responsible for your sexual health.

   It connects the pubic bone in front to the coccyx. You will find this muscle in the perineum between the testicles and anus.

   Together with other muscles it controls urination and is responsible for achieving orgasm in men and women. In men, this muscle is spontaneously reduced during ejaculation.

   Developing and studying this muscle, you will comprehend the secret of sex. Kegel technique is named after Arnold Kegel, a gynecologist who discovered it in 1950. He also touched on the natural penis enlargement issues.

   Technique includes simple exercises to perform with the muscles of the pelvis.

   This is a great way for men to learn how to deliver with what incomparable pleasure yourself and to your partner in love. Women have the ability to use those muscles to achieve an orgasm.

   Find your PC muscle. For men, this task is somewhat simpler than for women. Just hang up in the middle of urination.

   This not only helps you locate the PC muscle, but also serve as the beginning of your exercise. Stop and go back to urinate at least five times each time you visit the toilet.

   The skill developed to stop urinating will help you learn how to control ejaculation.

   Healing Tao techniques define this process as “stress the anus.” You will learn to control your PC muscle quickly and repeatedly, and you can stretch it to the desired time.

   These exercises are more serious than it may seem. Sex Gurus  claim that it will prolong an erection, have the effect of the natural penis enlargement    and will increase the ejaculation.


Finding the location of your PC muscle you can do Kegel exercises at any time convenient time to you, being in the car, office, etc. You need to do exercises on a regular basis.

   Check out these exercises.     Start with a quick massage of MS. Open and close the muscle. Start with a 20-fold repetition and try to bring the number to 100 or more.

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